I'm new on here how do I post pictures

Will I be able to post pictures soon cause I can’t , I’m a new user

You just need to meet some requirements.

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Like what ?

I think you need to have been here a few(?) days before you become more than just a basic user.

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Ahh i see cause I’ve been wanting to share my art with the other who love evolve and I’ve been making my own designs

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I’d love to see it. I’m not sure if you can post links(?) But if you have a deviantart with them that’d be awesome to check out. If you have a link to the art, Leaders and Moderators can edit posts to contain them :smiley:
We also have this place, where most people including myself, post their fanart and works! :smiley:
Cosplay and Fan Art

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That link I just provided tells you all you need to do.