I'm new here! How do I forum? >u>


Hey, I’m sorta new here! I was invited by my brother, @Void_omega, and I was wondering if there’s any important or useful tips I could use, starting out here on this forum. Anything helps! I’m looking forward to lurking these mysterious, magical, and slightly damp forums.

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the # (if you put it at the start of a sentence)
#Makes your letters super big!
Oh… wait…
Useful tips.
Hang on!


Here you go!
Welcome to the forums :3


Have a read through this. It helps answer a lot of questions and how to use the forums.

Here are some useful links as well.

Don’t forget to go over the ToS you signed up as they help educate you on posting etiquette. Welcome aboard!


Oh- Oh!



Exactly! :3


Thanks a bunch! I’ll be sure to read through each of these thoroughly.

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Please disregard the large font. There is hardly any reason to use it on the forums.

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But cooooow…
…We can use it for titles sometimes, right? D:


#I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. :3


Thanks! ^^ I appreciate the warm welcome~!

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I don’t mind them being used for headers, but otherwise I strongly dislike the use of them in the vast majority of posts that do use them.


Okie, sorry. .3.;

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No worries :slight_smile:


Thanks for everything! I’ll go ahead and read the stuff you sent now. :smile:

Also, holy hell you guys reply quickly. ouo

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I lurk, day and night.


-shivers- Stahp, you’re being too spoopy. e3e

~Check out this fancy text~

Boy this chat-box is fun! eue

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We haven’t even scratched the surface of spooky. :3

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Should I grab my blanky? .3.;

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