I'm making techno music - (song done-ish)


Hey everyone ex professional Goliath player on PC here. I thought I’d share with the community what I’ve been really putting some effort into. Let me know if you dig it! HeidNu is my artist name.

You can listen to my current project on —> https://soundcloud.com/heidnu/heidnu-a-beautiful-duet-wip-but-close-to-done

The song is done but…

A lot will be fixed on it such as:

-I still have to nitpick some transitions and a bunch of stuff.

-Needs more bass.

I will be fixing a bunch of stuff :). But enjoy while it’s close to being done!


I really like this, fits my taste in music.

How long have you been working on this?


For about a month maybe.


I think it’s paid off, you did extremely well. I don’t know if you got a notification or not but I bookmarked it


When the song is done I figure it will be around 3:30-4:00 minutes long ^_^. Thanks for the feedback!


No problem, I’ll sub to you for the updates


I’ve always wanted to make “EDM” type music, but I never could find good synths.

Also don’t take the default “unce unce unce” type club music. But you seem to not be going it, so good.

Are you using FL Studio? If so then could you recommend some good synths. I might go back to trying to make music lol.


I’m using Ableton live. I recommend Sylenth and Massive for synths


make something called techno ducks, and it’s literally what it’s called;Techno Ducks.



I approve.

Keep it up, you’re doing good work here.

If by any reason you stop doing these I’ll understand…
######…and find you and kill you.

So no pressure!


Hey guys so here’s a big update on the song.




Huh? Whatcha mean :smiley:


What’s the update?


It’s 4 minutes long :0 click the link :smiley:


I really like it, keep songing the song…or whatever you do to make music…


Click the link again it’s updated. more clean with better drum track :). The only thing I have to do now is add more bass and VOCALSSSSS