I'm making my own evolve fanfic!


Hey guys I’m new here…But I wanna say that I’m making my own fic on evolve and I was wondering if anyone would like to read it. I only have two chapters finished but chapter 3 will be there soon. so heres the link enjoy and review and I’m open to suggestion or ideas! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11736945/1/The-Elites


Welcome to the forums. ^^


thank you for welcoming me!


Oh boy a fanfic!!

Don’t tell anyone… But I’m totally making a parody of Last Resort.

I need a good vocalist for an Evolve Parody!

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums good to have you :wink:


those this fanfic involve twerking and/or twins?


Hello new comer!

Ignore Azmi, we taught him to forum wrong… as a joke.

And props on the fanfic.

I’ve had the plan on taking over a roleplay a small batch of us started awhile back but just never got around to it.

Good luck on your project.


Thank you all so much! wow pepole here are really friendly.


We got him/her to think we are nice now we can destroy him/her

hue hue hue

also to get the full experience please donate your soul to trs :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forums! Glad to see another fanfic writer for Evolve.


w-what? shake shake oh god… calm down calm down old boy their just joking…right?


I was joking :slight_smile:

except for the soul part pls each soul goes to the new game trs is making


Nono he’s not :DD

That’s how we’re all so friendly!


/kappa :slight_smile:


Hey guys chapter 3 is up! Tell me what you think I value your opinoins! Oh and review too! This chapter sure is unexcpected. If you cant tell already our main hero is Jack. I dunno I just really like him!




I haven’t read it yet but if you need my help gives card I am on the forums I have a lot of ideas


She will be in the next chapter. But…you dont mind me pairing Jack with Kala?


like shipping o.O that’s… kinda weird bro


really how so?


Let’s try not to discuss shipping on the forums :3