Im mad at Turtle Rock


im mad at you guys, you cant just give us a taste of something so good just to take it away from us, i need my evolve fix now!!
RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY, i’m not shaving until you do!
whos with me?


Okay then. : P


I mean… I guess it’s about time I take part in one of these no shave events. xD


Yeah, I’m a little pissed off too. It’s not fair for them to tease us with this game for so long, give us a small taste, then take it away again. It’s literally been the longest year of my life and I want my Evolve (aka digital crack). I can’t get no satisfaction.


So…about 3 weeks, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, BUT not that far away, one would imagine.

For some reason, weeks seem to go by now very quickly nowadays!


well it is surely not intended but I feel like a kid that played with his new christmas toys before christmas, and your scumbag parents get them back and say “you’ll get them on 25th Dec !” I would have been fine playing in beta, even if I would lose all my statistics and bear with frequent updates and restarts.


shaving strike journal day 1: today the great shaving strike of 2015 begins, i keep telling myself i can do it its for a good cause,
my girlfriend is not pleased but is supportive of my noble cause, i don’t know if its my imagination but my face is already itching.
will update tomorrow.


It’ll itch a bit for a few days; don’t let it weaken your resolve.

I have not shaved in a while, but I will keep it up and shave on release day – solidarity.


I’m in. No shave until release.

Take that TRS.



at least u didn’t had to wait 3 months or 1 year like some people around here


They were going fast for me too, until the last beta… Now every day is dragging. I need my Bucket fix man! /twitch


It’s scary to think that now, some of us (myself included) have been waiting, following this game, for a year. That’d we’ve stuck with it through thick and thin, when others lost faith. WE had doubts- we questioned the balance, the longevity, the developer, but we stuck with TRS through it all. We’ve been waiting 12 MONTHS. 12 months of scouring the forums for new information, 12 months of speculation on characters, 12 months of brainstorming, of angst, of betas, of ridiculous memes, of putting up with the haters and the nay-sayers and the biased and the stupid. 12 months on these forums, too.

We’ve been waiting 12 months, and now that there’s only one month to go… Wow.


I’ve been follwoing the game for a long while too, though not as dedicated as most of you guys on the forums. I knew of the game, followed small bits of news here and there when they poped up. During this time I was busy playing other games and just thinking what new games I should start planning to buy. Evolve being a game I’ve been keeping my eye on came to mind and then I saw the big alpha coming up! Best day ever, I signed up and waited for it to come by. After the alpha I was sold at that point, and decided to dive into it more finding out what I can about the game. Then I joined the forums :slight_smile: and I was blown away by the community, the devs always talking to us. Reading through a ton of threads and finding out how many of you have been waiting since the begining, has got me thinkng how lucky I am. Only waiting from the Big Alpha to the release of Evolve, really I can be thankful waiting only 2 weeks more for it now… But thanks to the core members of the forums waiting, getting information, and pretty much giving the community everything it needs to know about the game. I salute to you guys for beng so dedicated and for your patience waiting on the game. Can’t wait to dive into the game with you guys! :smiley: … End rant… O.o sorry I tend to get let my thoughts just flow when wanting to say something…


shaving strike journal day 2:today i got up encouraged as more people have joined our cause,
although there still not a official word from turtle rock im sure they are starting to feel the pressure.


I’ve been waiting for this since the leaked images of artwork ! and the rumours about 2k! I needed a new game from TRS, and I have not been let down!

I can wait a couple more weeks :smile:


don’t worry, join us we will make them release it earlier.


That wasn’t a rant, it’s a love letter! :slight_smile:


Aw shucks :blush: just saying the truth… And honestly I kinda wish I was with you guys at the begining even with the wait… But still… I have a pretty weird and complicated life that keeps me either to busy or forget about games for a while… (Moving overseas in Feb to work with my dad might add to that…) >.< i’m just glad i can hang out on this awesome forum!


I just bought 100 dollars worth of this stuff.!
I’ll never go cold!


shaving strike journal day 3:
it’s been 84hr since i last shaved, its the longest thats been for me in the last 4 years.
still no comment from turtle rock, are they not taking this threat seriously?
i decided to play a bit of counter strike to ease my mind of evolve, just to find my self trying to dome the terrorist in the arena every round, it did not work.
you have to reale it you just have to!!