I'm Looking for Inspiration


I’ve been rather stressed out and worked up lately. Working during practically all my free time. I haven’t been able to even think up anything to write nor continue any of my current works. So I’m asking for some ideas. Anything you find interesting or fun. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can range from something you did in Evolve, to something you are yesterday. I’m just looking for something to write so that I can get my mind off things and enjoy myself. So please, hit me with anything.

@Parham and all those who I said I’d write short stories for, I’ll get to them. Hopefully with the ideas people give out here, I’ll find the time and energy to write them.


Tell me when you are done with all of them. I’ll have an idea by then


That’s the problem, I don’t have any.


Oh, well. Do a…hmmm

A short story on me

Yea do that


how about a poem about the end of shear