I'm looking for a decent group to play with

I’ve been playing Evolve since the launch and to be honest I am really good in this game.
But now for the last few months I’ve been playing alone, mostly monster cus of lack of -good- players.
It kills the joy when I play public games with random hunters and I’m a really laidback guy but sometimes this shit throws me off character.
I’m from Europe and I speak understandable english.

Tittle says everything.


If on xbox: my gt is SQUARE Necron

I’m also on xbox: LurknAsn. If you aren’t on xbox, this thread might be able to help you:

Xbox here as well. GT is the same as my name here. Add me and we’ll go hunting. :grin:

I’m also on Xbox gt ZoMbIeS 746

Yeah sorry. Xbox be the platform. I’ll add you guys up.

You can add me too if you’d like, GT: crimsonregret55

U can all add me aswell my gt is Hewbert880
Thnx lads :slight_smile:


everyone feel free to add me too

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