I'm leaving :P


Hello, I would just like to announce my resignation from the evolve forums. I just won’t be part of it anymore, not to suggest I was part of the dev team, god no. I feel a bit egotistic to make an entire post about this, but as they say in Irieland, goodbye, what did you think i was gonna say? Most Irish folks speak English. Anyways, you probably don’t care. Hello, goodbye. \•/


Well, goodbye, @voxelot. May your life be full of cakes, ice cream and coffee. :smiley:


Farewell good fellow, I wish you luck upon your travels and may the sun shine ever brightly upon your trail


Don’t listen @voxelot, the cake is a lie!!!


Come back any time! :monster:


Well, later then. It was nice having you around. ^.^


Ireland, you say?

Cue “The Parting Glass.”

Let the feels flow.