I'm kinda fed up with the wraith complaining


It’s kinda annoying cause everyone is putting it on separate threads and now all I see is wraith is op, wraith needs a nerf or something like that. Could we just put it on one thread Plz. It’s becoming a pain. Seriously, soon everyone will get used to it, and maybe if they do nerf wraith, some people will start complaining about how weak she is.
No offense to anyone btw :smiley::blush:


yea, dead horse is pretty dead now…


Old threads fade and get forgotten eventually, and not everyone makes the same points in related posts.


Trust me you are not the only one. Perhaps eventually these people will discover how to fight her, or their complaints will sink into oblivion, or maybe the wraith really is a bit imbalanced and she will be fixed.

Either way, we can only wait. The game isnt even a week into release yet.


I beg to differ, pretty much EVERY Wraith OP thread I have seen is just retelling the same story “I have won 90% of games as wraith/I have lost 90% of all games against wraith, she must be OP”


I personally think her main issue is the decoy damage. She gets free damage essentially while being able to completely avoid it. IT also does a rather large amoutn of damage as well since one decoy at lvl 3 can easily take down a hunter if your not careful


I only recall one where the OP used their experience playing Wraith as the central point.

Most go into detail on why exactly they think she is OP, and that can vary.


Its funny. Most wraith threads are about it being unfun, not OP. And yet, even in the main thread, the same thing happens: People claim that Wraith isn’t OP when that isn’t the point being discussed.