I'm kinda disappointed


So here we are, on launch week.

Steam reviews are terrible.

Everybody is at each other’s throats screaming this or that is OP.

Playercounts are apparently sinking?

People are complaining about DLC.

People are complaining about bugs and party issues.

I’m just as fed up with all the bugs and whining as the next guy, but for once, could we show a little support for the devs?

I mentioned that I’m disappointed, but not in the game. Rather, in the community. There are some truly great people on here, but a lot of us seem to be cutting and running.

As the community and as fans, we need to support the devs during these upcoming weeks. I’ll admit the launch wasn’t the best I’ve seen, but it sure as hell isn’t going to get any better if we all abandon the game in a critical time like this.

Patience is a virtue. So wait for the bugs to be ironed out, take a break from the game if need be. But we really have a potentially fantastic game on our hands there, and if you want to see it live and prosper, we have a responsibility as the community to be as supporting and patient as possible.

Happy hunting. :monster:


From what I gather this forum community is pretty good. Stream is terrible and whiners will be whiners.


Well, if you are looking for a supportive community, you came to the right place. Steam is filled with misinformed people that can review only because they played 1 hour in the alpha, and there are always whining about OP stuff.


@Evereal Thank god. I love this game and would like nothing other than for it to succeed, but I get this dreadful feeling whenever I scroll down the forum home page and see endless complaint threads…

@Commando_Wraith We need to get the good community members to post more “I love this game!” threads to counter-balance all the negative ones :smile:


Currently 65%. Was 64% at one time. Its improving!


Well it is late a night I’d expect people to go to bed around this time

WHAT?!?!? Noo.

As they should be. Bugs and MP connectivity issues are unacceptable.

Is not paying $60+ for the game supporting the devs?

I understand and support your idea. Yes we should support the devs and we have: With our purchases of the game and our feedback.

Bugs and technical issues in particular need to be reported. As Evolve customers we have a right to knash our teeth (metapohrically speaking) and be downright unhappy if the game isn’t working as expected. The devs have a respnsibility to make a working game. Judging by the responses on support threads I’d say for the most part people are being supportive and patient.

I really am enjoying this game. I look forward to seeing whats in store these next few months or so.


Thank god, people are becoming to realise this issue! Man we’re gonna be best friends.


You- yes, you, sir- you are a shining paragon of our kind. I would kiss you, but I can’t, and that would be awkward, and I really wouldn’t.

Pay no heed to the mindless negativity.


You bring up some very good points here. But one thing I would like to call attention to, if you don’t mind, is the “I payed $60, I supported the devs”. This is definitely one way to support them, but if lots of people pay for the game but then say it’s terrible and leave (not saying you are one of these people, obviously), then the devs are less likely to want to improve the game. In fact, they will probably rather just take the launch money and not work on anything else like skins because no one will buy them, and it would be time wasted.

So yes, we all payed our money for the game and supported it, at least at launch. So keep it up!


66%! Slowly, slowly…


I agree! The game is amazing but unfortunately I cannot say the same for a part of the community


I honestly think the only thing bad in the game for me is the loading times. Which I dont think they can even do anything about. Besides that I have only had one match that I did not enjoy since playing the beta. This game has such a unique dynamic to it.


Yeah, after mine and my bro’s games totally reset, we decided to just take a break until they hammered some if this stuff out. It’s a great game so I can’t wait to get back at it.