I'm just tired


I’m tired of the crashes. Beginning a game, crash. Middle of a game, crash. Near the end of the game, crash. Just loading up the game, crash. I can’t play Evolve until a patch is made. I try to brush off the frustration of the first 5 crashes but after that my patience is out the door because I shouldn’t have up to 11 crashes within an hour. I have to stop playing this game before I punch a hole through my monitor. The fun in this game is drained ridiculously from me. I give up trying to play. I’ve gone from enjoying the first few minutes to getting so mad at its crashes that I have to walk away before I do something irrational.

On another note, I think that Abe’s stasis grenade are a little bit OP. How are they a little OP? They shouldn’t affect the monster through surfaces if it’s on the other side of the wall. They should act like Markov’s mines. Also the stasis grenades shouldn’t make the monster move so slowly. Like reduce it by 10% or something because they shouldn’t make the monster go from leaping across a canyon to taking a stroll in the park. I also think that Goliath’s leap ability cool down is a little low. Why is it that when I am running from the hunters I literally only get one leap per 15 seconds when just a moment before I would be getting up to 3 leaps within the same time.

But my main point is that I’m finished playing Evolve until a patch comes out to fix this. I am just tired of crash, after crash, after crash. I can’t enjoy the very game I’ve cheered on since it’s first announcement last year anymore. Goodbye Evolve. Maybe you won’t be as buggy the next time I get on. Peace.

My PC Specs:

Processor - Intel Quad Core i7-4910MQ
Memory - 16GB Signature Series 1600MHz DDR3
Graphics - Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M GPU with 16 GB GDDR5 Video Memory in SLI Mode



Don’t forget to write.


Fair enough.

Just want to throw it out there in case you didn’t see it somewhere on the forum. Crashes could be solved by updating your Nvidia drivers if you haven’t already. Haven’t had a crash since then. (of what I can remember anyway)

I hope you didn’t do this already and that it will now solve your problem. Hopefully the patch shouldn’t be too far away.


I won’t. I’ll be studying on my career which is more important than a buggy game. I’ll let ya know of my successes :wink:


Go already.

This is what I’m gettin a little sick of guys. These people do not need tips on how to make the game better,
because as we can all clearly see by their -continued presence- on a forum of a game they proclaim to -no longer play-, they truly don’t care.

…If you wanna leave?

If you wanna stay?

Actions speak louder than words.


I tried that. I even uninstall my drivers and re-installed the newest one again. I appreciate your help but it’s just this game isn’t optimized for my graphics card yet and I’ll just put it off and put more important matters into the time I would be dealing with Evolve crashes. Thanks for your advice man. I really do appreciate it. But until a patch comes out it’s not going to be playable for me. I hope you keep getting to enjoy yourself. At least you can have fun with Evolve :slight_smile:


The reason for the Goliath thing is that maybe you get the jump when they shoot you because you’re stamina recharged faster when you are damaged


I did leave smart guy. I’ll stay on the forums in case of patch notes and to just to interact with the community. Oh and by the way. I said I won’t play the game until a patch is made and I’m not the only one with the graphics card I got and so it’s not just affecting one person, it’s affecting multiple people. There are threads about the DEVICE_HUNG error and it shows how many people are having issues and not all of the people that have that issue have the same card I do. So before you try and talk shit, try thinking out what you say before you get rejected with getting called out on your ludicrous statements of twisting my words around. I’m just glad I got enough of a brain to consider all of the aspects of a situation before attacking :wink:


No it’s quite the opposite actually. When I am just running and feeding, my jump stamina recharges fairly fast (sometimes I think too fast O,o) But when I keep getting shot by a team of well coordinated hunters, my stamina seems to die off even though I’d have armor to spare. I don’t understand that logic :confused:


If this is just a rant, so be it. See you. /thread

If you want help, then post your specs and let’s get on with it.

I bought the game last night and have been playing all day. I have had zero crashes but I did get one bug that kicked me from a match. I’m not seeing a lot of complaints about system instability, so if you are crashing, I’m wondering what else might be wrong with your PC.


It’s not my PC I have two good cards that can support it. I’m new to PC gaming and didn’t know I’d have to post my specs to get it fixed. It’s not a rant, It’s just my experience with the game. But thank you for telling me how to get it fixed I appreciate it :smile:


I didn’t tell you how to fix it. I know virtually nothing about your system so how could I possibly help you troubleshoot? You could be trying to run it on a laptop with Vista for all I know.


I’m not. I worded that wrong, you at least gave me an idea of how to address the problem and that I appreciate. Look I’m not someone that is crying about some pointless problem that I could easily fix like a lot of people out there but this is an actual issue in which I cannot help. So I don’t mean to piss you off, I’m just addressing the issue not only me, but many others have encountered. So even though you may not know what to do, you at least gave an idea of how to combat the situation.


You didn’t piss me off at all :smile: I hope I didn’t give you that impression. I was just hoping that I might be of help to you, if you were indeed open to the idea of being helped. What cards are you using? I assume, since you put cards (plural), that you are running SLI.


I’m actually not running the SLI since I know Evolve can’t handle it. For all I know is that Evolve functionality with my cards and other kinds is like trying to stick it into a girl but it goes into the wrong hole so it doesn’t work. I’m sorry if that way of saying is kinda… inappropriate, but it’s the only way I know how to explain it haha


I have this exact same problem. Crash after crash after crash. Game runs smoothly but it just randomly crashes. I tried playing today and 14 out of 17 games it crashed. Its been like this from the start. I’ve updated drivers and tried a bunch of other stuff, but nothing seems to help. I hope for the both of us and anyone else that has this problem that they patch it soon.

My PC Specs:
CPU: AMD FX 6120 Six-Core Processor
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti (driver version 347.52)
Memory: 10 GB RAM
OS: Windows 8.1


Here here my fellow Crasher. Here here :fist:


Yeh that’s the same exact story with me man. Just try to make the most of it. It’s just when it crashes the first time I’ll deal with it since I know it’s a new title but after the next 10 crashes people wonder why you and me would get pissed in the first place haha


How do you have 10GB of RAM? I’m just curious. That’s an odd number.

Also, and I don’t want to turn this into an AMD/Intel thing, but this title is optimized for Nvidia and I’m running a GTX 970 with an i5-4690k. I haven’t gotten a single crash.

I have read hundreds of threads for several games now where people running AMD 6 or 8 core processors have tons of crashes. Even with BF4, which is optimized for AMD with Mantle, I saw tons of the same issues.