Im just tired of this

I don’t want to be one of these people who come on and just insult the game from every angle, but i dont know what to do from this point. Ive played 6 placement matches as a monster and lost 5. One where every lave bomb i launched literally came out of behemoths back and couldnt target for shit, two where my kraken was thrown out before even being able to die, one where i wasnt even able to enter the game and now one where behwmoth couldnt drop a single wall without gaps, and at level 2 i lost the ability to eat. I lost to a useless team with a decent lazarus because i couldnt eat bodies, i couldnt armor up, i couldnt get perks. At one point i had enough food around me to evolve twice, but wasnt able to eat any, and every single attack i made had a chance of locking me in a 10 second animation during which i couldn’t do anything. Also, for a large portion of the game rock wall didn’t even reload.

Just dooooo it! You can do it.

You’re amazing, i just won 8 matches in a row. No not really, i do believe i can win, just not like this…

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These bug reports lack detail. I understand that you’re frustrated, but if you want these things fixed, giving as much detail as possible (platform, what map, more etc), and video footage (if you can record the bugs) is exceptionally useful to help the devs fix the bugs.

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