I'm interested to see how they convey narrative in Gameplay


Is/will some sort of Left 4 Dead-esque inter-team chatter present between the in-game characters, or would that be to distracting for what I can totally understand is a game that requires a lot of concentration?


They’ve said a couple times that the story will be told through the in-character dialog during the drop ship scene.

I’m not sure if they’ll have more than that, though.


Yep, there will be dialoges between each character on the dropship and during ‘quiet’ moments of tracking the monster.


Markov: Maggie, would you please wash Daisy out of dropship next time?

Maggie: Euhm… sure thing Markov.

Markov: Its not that i mind… its just… the smell of a wet trapjaw…

Maggie: huh, i never really noticed. Ill keep it in mind from now on.

Markov: yea… thanks…


Also the bit between Lazarus and Markov (maybe it was Hyde, can’t remember) about how Lazarus device may cause brain damage and stuff to the person being revived, but that it’s perfectly safe for him to use it.


I can’t wait to see what sort of funny quips they come up with


There are bits of dialogue during the match as well as in the dropship. I don’t expect to get the whole story in one go, but I look forward to slowly watching unfold as I improve my hunting skills.