I'm in Chicago!


I’m in Chicago guys! (Not that any of you care, )

SOOOO yeah, might not be on the forums as much, but much fun for me!


I’m on a boat!


Drink some Malort while your there.


I’ll be on one on Saturday!

@Myala If I was old enough, sure!


I know what you’re referencing and I give you a thumbs up and a like. Well… I’d give you a thumbs up… but I still don’t know the icon for it on here, but here’s the like anyway.


its : +1 :
thanks for the love brother ^.^

Hydrawolf: Very welcome and I’m totally editing your post here! Why? Because I only just learned I could today and figured out how!



I’m on my computer!
(Continues to play Evolve, Mortal Kombat X, and Killing Floor 2)


I’m on my computer as well. ^.-

Just figure out how to edit huh?


:open_mouth: My post got hijacked!!
cant wait for my day to be leader ^.^


All in good fun :wink: It is nice being a leader but it’s also got some worked involved. Got my first hate mail a few days ago after I closed a thread! Anyway though, back to the OP…

How’s Chicago? I’ve never been… well… anywhere actually… but I hear it’s windy!


All part of the job ^.^

I’ve been, but I was like… 2 so i don’t remember any of it lol


Hey can you tell me how you like Chicago? im honestly considering moving there but im afraid because i have heard very mixed things.


It’s pretty windy, shopping tomorrow, hope I don’t get blown away!

and @ShinigamiB, can’t tell you much, but it seems pretty amazing! I was at ‘The Blue Man Group’ (Look it up on Youtube, there should be a video), and that was pretty amazing! I will give a full analysis when my trip is over. Up and out! :bucket_salute:


Saw them in Berlin, they are pretty amazing :+1: . Hope I see them again one day (I GOT A DREAM, ONE DAY! everytime thinking about the song pfft)