Im in a contradiction right now


So i played evolve yesterday and today and at this point i am losing constantly at all monsters except wraith. As Goliath i was never good unless it was defend or nest. Now i cant even play him at all. Kraken is okay for me and i can use him but my last two matches I couldn’t down anyone and my health was being shredded through because I hadn’t even gotten full armor or stage 2 before daisy caught me. I also feel like my health is being torn through in seconds not to mention how broken Rock Wall is. While monster is my favorite. I can only find success and/or fun in playing hunter. Is anyone else having really bad problems with monsters lately or just finding play extremely difficult or just me?


Monsters are hopelessly UP amd frustrating to play now. It isn’t just you.


A lot of people have been feeling this way myself included. The worse thing on consoles is the auto aim.


I can really only win with wraith and everyone hates her so im reluctant to play as her. ALL I WANT IS MY ELITE SKINS. i cant even bot boost anymore because they kick my teeth in.


I literally feel the exact same way


So you’re on console?

Have fun with the upcoming knockback nerf. Makes it a million times worse.


Oh god no i freaking rely on knockback also off topic is there a challenge this week?


Lol yeah hopefully they don’t push that onto us. Plus it requires a patch and we all know PS4 doesn’t get those :confused:


No. Devs confirmed.


We arent getting patches?


Consoles get patches later than PC becauae MS/Sony charge the devs. You’ll be getting them alright.


We’ve only gotten one which was the Behemoth patch. In three months of the game being out one patch it terrible. I get the certification and all that but I mean really, come on.


So since I’m on Ps4 none of these patches are applying to me? Wouldn’t that mean I’m just getting progressively worse at the game


How are you winning with the monster who has one of the lowest health pools and with warp blast being the only reliable move it has?


staph scaring console players :smirk:


I dont fucking know i guess its just dodging bullet…maybe like i said it makes no sense to me


Your right, it really doesn’t make sense, because in higher levels Wraith is one of the weakest monsters.
You must be getting lucky or something with her.


In the last match i played i didn’t win because i disconnected but at stage 1 with 2 40’s they didn’t even take one full bar of health in the span of 2 domes i still got to stage 2 and i was just about to reengage but i left.


ah u sir where playing against a group we call pubs, allow me to explain ppl here for some weird reason call ppl who are randoms and form a group of hunters and have 0 communication or synchronization AKA pubs, now Premades are a group of hunters who are friends and play together and confirm strategies ect. known as premades which are almost unbeatable unless kraken… soo yeah

i hope this helps :wink:


It is not a big deal not taking any damage with the Wraith. It is very easy to avoid damage with the Wraith due to her speed, tool kit, and small silhouette. Anyone can do it.