I'm Hyped for Robot Arena 3


Robot Arena 2 was my first game that I played hardcore. I’ve played this game since it came out, and have dropped close to 3000 hours into the game. Steam was created back in 2003 but it didn’t support the game, but every week I was on it. I’ve had about 300 teams that I’ve created. The game is getting old, and so Gabriel Interactive is making Robot Arena 3.

Boi, is it hype time.

If you like Robot Wars and love building robots, then I recommend this game.

I will most likely start up my YouTube channel for this game.


Okay I’m down…but I can’t wait a month…Quantum Break came out today. I think I can wait :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s on my to-buy list for sure.


Downloading it now!


The worst part is that I’m on vacation :sob:
It’ll be the first thing I do when I get back.


Oh no! That sucks mate!


I’ve waited 13 years for this day but I can’t even see it at release…

I’d love to see some of your robot designs though, :wink:


I’m frustrated already. There isn’t a tutorial or anything. In the bot creator I right click and try to change my viewing angle of a bot to look at it so I can build but it keeps going back to top-down view only so I can’t rotate my screen to look at all angles of my bot. I took a sample bot into a tourney but it didn’t tell me how to operate my weapons…by the time I figured out it was the space bar I was dead and can’t re-enter the single-player tourney. I just don’t get it, I guess since I never played a version of it before. Guess I’ll have to go watch YouTube videos.

Also, why do all these games no have controls listed for controllers and not keyboards? has everyone started to use PC controllers now? I don’t have one and never used one but now game controls are getting so bizarre I might have to.


Mine’s pretty much broken, so I use my keyboard instead, I navigate around it pretty well


I reloaded my game and I think it was just bugged out, because now I can alter my viewpoint ok. Having really gimpy issues trying to make bots though…like not having one side mirror another even though I’m doing the same thing to both sides…the chassis sometimes bulks outwards or inward when I don’t want it to.
I wore myself out trying to create a simple arrowhead wedge shape. Took me an hour and I couldn’t pull it off 100% on both sides. Spore this ain’t, lol.


First time I requested a refund on Steam. Maybe it was just me but I found it just too gimpy trying to build even a basic frame for my robot. I may return to it if is gets more work. It is an early release title after all so there’s always a chance. I just figured it would feel more like Spore and not…just, hard.


Most of the steam reviews are saying bad things too. Unfortunately I’m on vacation and I can’t experience it for myself. But the game was released as early access, so I hope that it gets refined.


I haven’t really read much of the reviews…that’s not typically my thing, especially after Evolve and how skewed people’s opinions are based on, well, baselessness…lol. I really should check and see if other people had some of my issues. I just found it clunky to design a bot, and I was spending far too much time just tinkering with the chasis…so much I never actually made it to a finished state because something always kept going wrong and looking slightly wonky. I started with a more complex 2 prong design, and eventually just went for a simple wedge, arrow-head design, and it just frustrated me too much. I don’t have a lot of time to play games at the moment, so when I do I want them to be more intuitive and easy to grasp. That is not to say you will have my issues. I was just expecting something easier for me, and more fluid, I guess, that would allow anybody to design something fast and easy on the fly like monster in Spore. Yes, you can work on a creature in Spore for hours, but you always feel like you’re getting somewhere and not having any trouble. The controls worked smooth and were pretty obvious to use. I started over multiple times in the bot lab trying to do a very basic design and spent a full hour on the wedge, only to have it just look broken and not even get to the next step of adding components. All I wanted was a perfect mirror on both sides of the chasis and I couldn’t pull it off even when using the barest points of manipulation you could have. I feel it should not have taken longer than 15-20 minutes to create the chasis and move on to the next step, but I never got there.