Im hoping someone can help me out here


So I got into PC gaming awhile ago and at the time i could only afford the GTX 660 SC by EVGA w/ 2Gb Dedicated RAM.

Now i was thinking of also picking up evolve on PC as well as on xbox (just because i want the competitive PC environment too).
Im the kind of person that sees video games as a form of art. I enjoy seeing every detail no matter how small in all its glory. I am saddened that my 660 isnt going to meet or excel in the high end of evolves specifications. That being said, Im not sure how to proceed not just for evolve but for the “next gen” era.

So the question here is. New Graphics card? or SLI? To be honest im not quite sure how SLI is advantageous over just buying a new card. I was looking around at the 700 series and i guess they are already a generation behind as the 900 series are starting to emerge. Im not sure if dropping a ton more money on a new GFX card is going to be worth my while if SLI-ing the same card (for cheaper) would solve the problems just the same?
And to my understanding a second card in SLI just takes the load off of the first card and shares it. I wouldnt be able to use it to display to a second monitor (already running dual screen) as all of the display output is through the primary (or first) card in SLI.

Would i see a significant boost to performance (excluding any bottle-necking) compared to a newer card?

Im hoping for answers of any sort i suppose. any time i ask a professional they always say they cant tell me shit unless they run diagnosis and get a hold of my PC and then ask me for money afterwards.


SLI gives TERRIBLE returns for dollar value currently. It’s a cool idea in theory, but the technology isn’t yet available where spending the same amount on 1 card isn’t still better than 2 cards of half value.


I agree fully with what MaddCow has stated, especially if you only have one monitor, Go big with one card and go home happy. If i recall correctly just make sure whatever card you get is directx 11 compatible and you should be good for high-ultra graphics.


The future right now is unreal engine 4. Until we can have a good exhibition of games running on that engine, I wouldn’t make crazy investments. Going for quality/price components from 2nd/3rd generation is my recommendation.


good point. i shall return to the shadows from whence i came until more information is available and reliable…


Wait. Yo. I have a 660, and was able to run the Big Alpha fine on high settings. Just get like a 700 series, that would work great.


My framerate was a bit eratic and unstable


Trust no one do research.


I feel you, I got a 660 and I just got my 970 in the mail. Upgrading my rig just for evolve.

In the Alpha, I was able to run the game no problem on low settings. And the Alpha had some optimization problems so that explains why. In the new release build, I’m almost certain you’d be able to run it.

If you have the money, buy a 770 or 970. It’s definitely a lot but if you want the “Next Gen” era performance you’re going to need to cough up and get the 970. The 770 will pull through just as nice as well. Depending on the type you get.

I haven’t installed my 970 yet (I got the Gigabyte one with the 3 fans, that thing is HUGE) and i’m waiting for my new case to arrive to re-build. I can get back to you on Tuesday on the performance bump. (Tuesday is construction day)


Probably just wait till the recommended system requirements come out before picking a new card, I’m guessing they’ll announce them soon post-beta. I can’t recommend any cards to go for though, my crappy eyes can barely tell the difference between medium and high settings most of the time lol.