Im guessing a trade is afoot (death grab for roar)


So we know that the death grab animation is being cut out.

I remember a dev saying there will be something they would be adding to help make you feel like a monster though, i think the term used was fanfare.

my guess? were trading the death grab for ROARING!! now no ones said anything but we’ve asked for this for a long time now and if true wouldnt that be badass???


Where did you hear this? I’m not aware of the removal of the animation and I’m here every day


I hope so, it would be badass.


It’s also in the Patch 9.0 Speculation thread.


But don’t the monsters roar anyways if they win?


They do, but they want a taunt roar you can use in game.


Ohhh ok lol that would be pretty interesting


I could do without the changes personally.


Same. However, I’m certainly not against a roar-taunt being added, if they will be adding it


I love how people beg for a roar as if it would eliminate tea bagging… Wouldn’t adding the taunt button only encourage gloating and showboating?

I can’t wait to try and roar and teabag at the same time… #ILoveYourPain


I hope the roar would be just like how Meaty destroys the relay. When he roars into the air. If they add the second part, it would be amazing.


Suck will be harder to tell if you incapped a cloaked hunter, without the death animation.

Roars sounds cool though.


throw a cooldown between going into sneak mode and boom. i hate being teabagged by the monster too but if i could pick id rather the monster roar than like some stupid CoD kid smh



OP plz nerf

Besides who needs to hump to show boat… I just hit em once with the dab

It looks like the monster is curtsying too


Awww I like the death grab animations… they feel awesome!

And I accidentally threw a downed Kala through a teleporter with it the day she was released. It was hilarious.


i think we can all say from a fun/awesome stand point that we’re going to miss it especially for moments like that. as for the counter arguement of it locks the monster out of potentially critical time it could have been doing something else… im torn to say the least. but if we get a roar then i can forget about the grab lol


i just didnt recall who said it and im on my phone so looking up quotes, for me, isnt as easy as when im on the pc. nothing disrecpectful about saying dev or at least it wasnt intended… so yah


I was joking man, no worries


Personally, I think that’s lame. I love that King Kong nod and I will definitely miss it.


I would love to have a roar taunt in this game