I'm glad this community exists


I feel very protective with this game and really can’t stand the people on ign. I’d say its like 90% of the comments are hating on this game and I’m at war in there :slight_smile: I shouldn’t let it upset me but this is an awesome game!


Welcome to the Herd!


You have come to the right place.


Psh, I’ve been saying this for months now :stuck_out_tongue:. Still though, awesome community and proud to be a moderator of it


I hear ya…just stay with us in Evolve’s cool club.


I’d say we don’t even need the game so long as we have the forum… But I don’t want to lie to you guys (or myself) :stuck_out_tongue:


I love a lot of you guys on the forums! Especially those who have been here from the start like me! I give massive props to those who have been on the ride and it will be amazing to see you guys on the Beta.

Even better, on release day :wink:


I’m glad you exist too, Jeff! You are part of a brilliant community which keeps this place alive, as corny as it sounds but it’s definitely true! :smile:


I feel you. Though I make no efforts to combat the ignorance. When it comes to this game I see all the haters and it seems different. It’s not a matter of taste or opinion, it registers as, ‘oh, these people just don’t get it’. I pitty the poor plebs and pay homage to you fine, like minded folk. This is a big reason why I finally quit lurking after all this time and statted posting these past few days. I want to show my support. I want to be part of this community. I want to show that I get it and help make Evolve a success and something people keep playing well after its release.


Honestly, IGN is garbage. I stopped going there a long time ago.


IGN seems get that reaction to anything that isn’t an established IP. If it is an established IP instead of hatred the commends are filled with flame wars between fans and haters.

Stay here with us, and never return to the barren grounds of the IGN comment section <3


It’s not just IGN, I just came here from a thread on reddit filled with people saying this game is going to be terrible. Are- are we the minority guys?


I think that people who like the game just pre-order it or buy it and don’t feel the need to post about it. The people who see it and don’t like it feel the need to post how much they don’t like it and have other people say they don’t like it so that their opinion is somehow vindicated.


I know the comments on Gamespot are toxic, but the community is as well. It’s like Cynicism had a baby with Cruelty, and the offspring committed a crime against nature which we all know as the Gamespot community.

Anyways, welcome to the… um… flock?.. gander?.. what do you call a group of monsters? (besides a death sentence)


I think alot of the issue is just people don’t understand the game. How many of us here have watched hours of Evolve, learning the nitches, when to hide, how to track, that the trapper is a trapper not a tracker who is the only one who can track the monster.

This game is Evolve and you really can’t compare it to anything else. A lot of people look at it and see a first person shooter, and get confused why they suck when they don’t work as a team. The flip side is when people only want to play the monster and are angry when they can’t decimate any enemy at every time in the game. I’ve heard people I’ve respected say. “I’m the monster, how come the hunters can hurt me.”

Again, with Evolve being its own game how many times have you tried to explain the game for someone only to see their eyes glaze over in confusion because there are new concepts in a video game.

Idk, I just hope people decide to play the game to learn what it is, and not look for what they want it to be. Because the game that is made is really quite fantastic. Anyways, sry for the length of my attempt to express my opinion clearly, lol.


There’s a lot of truth in that.

To me, I’ve always felt that people viewed the game with CoD glasses on. Yes, it’s not like CoD. Yes, you cannot lone wolf in this game and be successful, so there’s lots of things you’d have to learn. But I think the reason why we like it so much is that it’s a breathe of fresh air. It’s not the same ol, same ol. And I understand that people grow fond of things that are familiar, but I get bored easily. Something needs to pique my interest, and asymmetrical gameplay does exactly that!


we all know im the Pillar of the community lol


Exactly, to many games keep going along with what they know works, and not trying anything new


Yeah I love this place and this game​:smile: I would prefer to ignore those that wish to think negatively and instead use them as a personal “warning” as to what I should avoid. I got here as soon as I could and have met great people and had some really fun times!:blush: best gaming community ever (and thank you devs for being awesome!!!)


But they’re welcome to try! (Licks lips) :smiley: