I'm giving away a copy of Evolve!


Hey guys, I thought it was the perfect timing to announce my plans for an Evolve giveaway!
Here’s the contest page: Evolve Gamer Goat Giveaway

I also would love to know if anybody else here on the forums has a YouTube channel, so we can start building the YouTube Evolve community as soon as possible! :smile:

So let me know if you’re going to be posting Evolve content, and check out this video to learn about my giveaway. Thanks!!!



Already have Evolve ^^


I have a YouTube channel!

But I believe somebody has subscribed to me just so they can give me negative votes, which is pretty sad but it puts me off uploading anything else due to fear that I hate receiving negative feedback from anything. Makes me feel like I’m not doing my job properly, y’know? xD


I can subscribe and give you positive votes on everything you upload so his life is meaningless, if that helps you!


@Fourmizzz0 LOL, but if you won, there will still be time to get your money back on the one you ordered :wink:


@SlinkyGuy yeah, I hate that kind of garbage…I’ve definitely had rashes of dislikes from negative people or trolls. And I’m with @xdflames , so now you’ll have a net gain in likes :slight_smile: I tried searching for you quick, but didn’t come up with it. Put your channel link here!


Here is my channel link, any support is most appreciated! I’m trying to get more involved on YouTube and Twitch. With kids and being a full time student it’s really hard:

My Twitch Channel


i have but idk how to put videos up


I also run a twitchtv and youtube channel. I’ve just started this up. I have Gold Medal walkthroughs for Defense Grid 2 on hard with no tower items, as well as I’m uploading my blind unedited playthrough of Alien Isolation. I’m going to be adding some Borderlands the Pre-Sequel stuff this week, and stream/upload some nice Evolve around Halloween. I’ll check out your guys stuff when I get home and offer constructive criticism if you’d like. I’d also like the same, please let me know what you think as well :smile:

My Twitch Channel