I'm getting dragged further and further away from this game the more I wait (Limited search idea)


2 hours. One match.

This is unfortunately dragging me further and further away from this game. It’s not fun anymore. Why can’t TRS actually fix this matchmaking issue?

Here’s an idea.

Limited wait time option.

This option can be turned on and off. Instead of searching for a match (and for me it takes 2 hours till the game just gives up and puts me into the next game) with the best connection, this option simply puts you in the quickest game possible, regarding connection. As a hunter player, lag seems to not affect me at all, and it’s the only side I play ever since melee took 5 seconds to register. I think that this would actually make the game fun and actually playable, instead of it being a time to check my twitter and watch youtube on the steam browser instead.



Any change like this would need a TU, and there are big changes happening in at the next TU anyway so it’s probably best to wait and see what happens from the Summer and revisit what is a current issue with the new state of the game then.


I like this idea, seems like a smart idea to me


The wait is shorter with friends
As monster I do agree the wait can be a little long but the longest I waited was 10min on ps4 anyways.


What platform are you on and what mode do you play? 2.0 always has long wait times between games. Quick Play is game after game with no waiting once you’re in a game.


Both take hours.


I play on PC and it takes under 20 minutes for me to find a game. I dunno about consoles, but 2.0 still takes the longest to find/match.


I play on both console and PC, and it takes forever for anybody who’s not living in U.S or Europe hours to find any match on any game mode.


This might be an odd suggestion, but have you tried changing your download region on Steam and did that make any changes? You could also try to use a VPN connection (there are free ones out there) and see if that works, although you might experience lag and stuff like that, it is merely to see if it would get you faster into a match or not.


Then it’s a regional issue that TRS can’t solve. You would need more players on that aren’t US/EU.


Wait. You’re suggesting sacrificing connection for faster matchmaking?
Why? You’re just going to get frustrated in the games you do play.