I'm Getting Back Into Warframe


So I’ve been getting back into Warframe on PS4. I really enjoy the new quest system and love the Natah and Second Dream quests. They brought story elements to the game and gave me a reason to go through the motions again. The new “Operator” powers are pretty cool to. I’m going down the Namauri tree. I’ve been playing a lot of Valkyr and Rhino Prime along with Frost Prime. I also recently bought the Gifts from Hunhow and love what they’re doing with the gear and ships.

To those who play Warframe, what keeps you playing or coming back?


Is that that f2p game by Crytek? In that case I can’t help ya, found it to be a pretty shite game


No, it’s made DE, Digital Extremes.


I know @Deity_Pharaoh plays it.


Ah, never mind then. Still can’t help you I’m afraid


Well i have over 1000 hrs in Warframe on PC and I still keep loging everyday.
What keeps me still playing it? Well mostly doing Sorties and Raids with frineds.


How are the raids? I’ve only done the Trials of Retribution. The Jordas Precept I heard isn’t very good.


It’s good but hard as all hell.


I keep playing for sorties daily logins and I make goals for myself. Like doing certain missions on the star chart I need to finish. Making new weapons etc, it’s a lot of fun . I think I have 24 days worth of play time in it.


I heard that it’s not worth it either. The gear Isn’t very good.


IMO its not LOR gives you better stuff. I just enjoyed doing the mission. DE can only improve so i’ll give it time.


Favorite frame? I’m loving Valkry right now because of her recent buff. Being invincible for 10mins and doing over 100,000 each hit awesome.


Only 10 mins? I got a build that lasted me an hour plus. I could’ve gone longer but the life support ran out.
My favorite frame now is Wukong. He’s a monster.


I run a low energy build with high strength.


How’s the new frame, that arrow lady.


Oooo I see, your more for a quick burst of hysteria . My power strength is 200 I think. Maybe a little less.


I’m not sure I don’t have her, a lot of my friends say she’s amazing though. She’s all about stealth.


Mines over 347 I think. Dual Ichors OP with this build. Kill Vor in one hit.


Good. I really want a stealth frame.


I use the Scindo Prime sometimes. Or the Tekko since I process berserker every second or so.