I'm Gettin Engaged Today! (She Said Yes!)


Guys and Gals, within a month I’m gonna ask my girl to marry me. I’m so excited I decided to share with the community cause holding it in is hard to do. So here’s a classic romantic tune from one of the greats. If you have a special one in your heart hopefully this’ll make you smile and make you think of them. :heart_eyes:


Thought the title said Enraged. then saw the trumpet guy and was really confused… time for sleep…


Congratulations mate!
Lets bring out the wine lads!


lol it is possible there have been too many angry threads on this forum!


Thank you very much :slight_smile: pops a top cheers! :wine_glass: :beers:


Congrats Doc! May your marriage be filled with Vals!


Thank you @Fluffington! how is the cult going?


We’re going strong! We have invaded Neptune!


Uh oh, The Neptunians put up a tough fight I hear



Take it from someone who is getting married next month DOUBLE THAT BUDGET lol and every time she leaves the house be afraid be very afraid as the budget went up.


Lol well congratulations! I hope you two have a long, prosperous and above all happy Marriage together. Yeah I’ve already gotten her accustomed to spoiling her XD I’ll just have to quadruple^3 my income I guess!


Pics or it didn’t happen.


Ok if you find a successful method to quadruple your income let me know lol


Cough pokies cough :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I’m not going validate that with a further response, while I’m sure you’re just kidding I’m not posting any personal pics XD and @BLK_OBLIVION :expressionless:


Lol okay but If you beat me to it tell me your secret


No need to get hostile.


Sorry, you know how testosterone works. I’ll have something in a month like a ring on finger pic :slight_smile:


They attempt to fight back but we still out number them! We sent the Val zombies first… The horde has spoken


i was just suggesting a way to quadruple your money :stuck_out_tongue: hahah theres always shares ( if you know how to do it) or lottery too :smile: