I'm Genuinely Pissed Off Right Now


Okay to start off, why is it I can’t win any game? Like at all, I just played 5 games and here’s how they went:

Game 1: Us vs Wraith

Had a 22! win streak and we knew we were screwed from the beginning but that’s not the best part. We got him domed at stage 1 pretty quickly. But when we go into fight around the corner. In literally 3 seconds I was down on the ground. Not even joking, I could say 12 seconds and that still wouldn’t matter because you can’t down someone that fast.

TL;DR: Hax, Lose

Game 2: Us ws Wraith

Had only won last round but I think some team caught up to him is a while. First dome at Stage 1 he continuously hides and spams Decoy. At 3:30 he comes out and downs a hunter and flees. Second dome at stage 2 he hides again and around 3:25 he comes out and downs the assault again and then me and flees. Third dome at stage 3 he floors all damage at everyone, and then he takes too much damage so he leaves to gain armor. Comes back 15 seconds later and kills me and bucket.

TL;DR: Sky Wraith, Lose

Game 3: Us vs Meteor Goliath

Domed at Stage 1 in less than 45 seconds, he incapps Caira, Lennox and Trapper. I get stuck by a tree and I have to go around it (With lag it took 2 seconds to get around it) then I boost all the way up the hill and then down with him right behind me…I boost into a chomp plant and die instantly with half health still.

TL;DR: Git Gud, Lose

Game 4: Us vs Goliath

Domed at Stage 1 and we get annihilated 2 downs as he runs off into stage 2, no dome and then stage 3 comes around…he downs Medic, Trapper and Support, then he sneaks and I am left taunted for 4 seconds. He starts attacking me to half health and then stops and then sneaks me again.

TL;DR: A jerk, Lose

Game 4 is where I get pissed off and I decide to play Monster

Game 5: Gorgon vs them

The thing that happens with Gorgon’s Slinging is that she get snagged on the ground unless she’s in the air…so this happens probably 20 times before I get caught in a Stage 1 dome 45 seconds after round starts. I have nothing to help me with and I almost had Lazarus dead. I get free and start feeding and running again. 10 seconds later after the dome is ready I realize they had been following me the ENTIRE time! I get domed still at stage 1 and then I leave.

TL;DR: Pissed, Lose

So no matter how much I play as Hunter I lose but at the same time no matter what Monster I chose, I’m still going to die…Either I am the worst player in Evolve or cheats are happening. I kept winning all the time yesterday except three times. I don’t know what to do!


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