I'm Frustrated and I'm Not Sure How To Love This Game Anymore


I used to be the biggest supporter of Evolve that I knew. Way back last year when I saw the front cover of Game Informer I knew I had to get this game as soon as it was released. I paid avid attention to every little tidbit of information that slowly dripped out of the website. I was on the edge of my seat when THQ went under and the future of TRS and Evolve was up in the air. I remember seeing Goliath gameplay when it was first released and thinking “Oh man, he’s so cool, I’m gonna main Goliath.” Then thinking “Oh man, he’s so cool, I’m gonna main Kraken,” and then “She’s so cool, oh man, I’m gonna main Wraith,” as each of the monsters were revealed. I watched each and every hunter spotlight, tuned in to every livestream, scoured the internet for every single bit of information that was put out or speculated on or “Leaked.”

When the internet (Reddit specifically) started freaking out about “Toxic DLC Practices” I suffered the downvotes to try and get people to come around and see that the DLC practices weren’t nearly as exploitative as they were making them out to be; there was no day one monster DLC for Evolve and cosmetic skins are just there to support the studio if you want to play extra. Hell, I even pre-ordered the PC Monster Race edition of the game because I wanted to show my support and because I just absolutely knew this game was going to be incredible. On release day it felt like all of my faith was validated. The gameplay was intense and deep and strategic, monster was fun, hunters were fun, it was a huge hodge podge of everyone trying to figure out everything (I stayed out of the Alpha and Beta, I wanted to play the game they released, not the one they tested).

I kept playing, even while the Wraith was unbearable to play against. I would just play as monster and do the right thing by not picking wraith. Soon though, that was the only fun I could get out of the game. Playing hunter was just too much of a roll of the dice. Hell, that’s why I’m even writing this right now. Playing in pubs was becoming harder and harder, as any single small mistake by the hunters ended with them losing the game, and I think that’s at the core of my problems even now.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was laid down on me while playing with a friend tonight. He hasn’t played Evolve in a couple weeks, which is actually on the shorter end for most of my friends I made playing Evolve. My steam friends list used to be filled with “Currently Playing Evolve.” Now I’m lucky if I see two or three other people on it, but I managed to convince him to come try out Arena Mode with me. I was playing support, Hank, and he was on trapper. In our first round of playing, we lost by the skin of our teeth. The monster had less than a sliver of health left on his last bar of HP when he downed our last hunter. I figured that we could do this, next round would be just as close. I was wrong. Our medic got LoS’d for all of three seconds, ate a level 3 rock throw and flame breath and down went Slim. We lost soon thereafter.

I knew it was coming, my friend told me that he was done with Evolve for the night. I couldn’t blame him either. It’s just too much of a roll of the dice to see if you’re going to even have fun, let alone win when you’re going into match making as hunter. A single slip up from one person is all it takes, and your team snowballs into defeat. Match after match I would play with groups of people who were only average hunters while I could pull up the leaderboards and see that the monster player was on the Top 15 for whatever monster he was playing with a few hundred victories under his belt. Game after game one second of LoS was all it took to irreversibly swing the tide in favor of the monster.

A small mistake from the hunters can mean complete defeat. A small mistake from the monster means a bar or two of health.

That seems to be how it’s always been, and when you’re playing with good players who are close together in skill it doesn’t matter as much, but when you’re match making at level 40 it seems more often than not that you’re always going to have that one person on the team who just isn’t quite good enough. I don’t blame them, it’s not their fault that they’ve been placed against one of the best monsters in the game when they haven’t even reached level 40, but it leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth that I can’t bring myself to play on my main account anymore. I had to use family sharing via steam to get an account into the mid twenties just so I could play hunter with teams that are of almost even skill, and even then the victories seem hollow.

I used to tell myself that TRS would be able to balance out the game eventually, that Left 4 Dead was loads of fun and I loved it, how could Evolve be anything less than amazing? But I can’t say that anymore. I don’t think that the PC community is salvageable anymore. There were less than five hundred people playing tonight when I was on. I was repeatedly being put into games against amazing monster players with bots on my team, ensuring an easy win for an experienced monster. Patches come once every three, four, weeks. Bug fixes that require code changes take too long to stop games from being ruined. Just today I tried playing Laz in arena only to have our assault die and have his corpse teleport two hundred meters outside the arena. The only way I can see that we could have competitive matches is if a skill based matchmaking system was implemented, but I don’t think there’s enough players left on the PC to even make it work and I don’t think they’ll ever be able to revive it even with some deeply discounted steam sale; though I’m sure it would be amazing for the consoles, that’s hardly any consolation for me when a game I loved so thoroughly has broken my heart.

I want to love this game again, but I don’t know how, I don’t know if I can.


play monster?


I’m sorry you and your friend had a hard time tonight and i know it has been rough for the PC crowd. I quit for a while myself out of frustration but you know what brought me back? Faith. When you think everything is broken you start to drag yourself down in the process. Adapt, work out new strategys and push the feed back so the developers know how you feel.

Wanna know something? I support TRS but I am not afraid to smack them upside the head an say “listen, you might wanna think this through” you put a lot of heart and effort into this thread and a applaud you and it was a very heart felt read.

My honest answer. This game is only as fun or not fun as you make it out to be. If you have already decided that this game is no longer fun but you want to keep playing then you have to convince yourself to push forward. I wish you the best on what ever route you choose.



I’m cutting myself off from half of the game, and even then it gets stale because the problems persist when you’re playing monster. It’s not fun to just curb stomp the other team because their trapper can never catch you or slow you down, or their medic can’t heal, or their assault can’t stick to you. The wins feel hollow, especially when I know how close the game could have been.

@Delsai I’ve lost my faith. I think there is still plenty of room for the Xbox and PS4 to thrive, but their updates are too slow for the PC community, and the PC community has been so thoroughly decimated that I don’t think there is any feasible way to resuscitate it. It’s not that I’ve decided it’s no longer fun, it’s that I’m not having fun with it anymore, and I cannot see how that will change. I don’t know what TRS can do to fix the PC.


I understand buddy, trust me I have been there. Close out the game and sleep on it. You will miss it. Trust me.


wait let me get this straight, you guys havnt played in a while together >.> and you expected to win? cause i have group of friends who play evolve 3-4 times a week, and when we team up it takes a couple of matches to get synchronized,

i dunno it seems like that loss was kinda gonna happen either way, communication helps, but its not the holy grail, ppl have to actually pratice together to get to know each others play style >.>


Neither I nor my friend were the reason that we lost the match. We had no way of stopping our medic from splitting himself off from us and LoSing me so that I couldn’t shield him when he got focused by the monster. What I was trying to say, and later explicitly stated, was that when hunters make a mistake they lose the match, when monsters make a mistake they lose a bar or two of health, that’s not so bad when you’re playing with people who are roughly as good as each other because you get fewer mistakes happening that the monster can capitalize on, but because there’s no matchmaking system more often than not you’ll have an amazing monster vs a team of random pubbers of which at least one is not going to be good enough to not make a mistake that will lose the game, and that even if TRS were to make matchmaking skill based using an ELO or MMR system the PC community has evaporated to the point where it wouldn’t help, and I don’t know if there’s anything they could do to bolster the PC population (Holy run on sentences Bat Man).

It just feels so hopeless, and, as Markov once said, It’s Maddening. I loved evolve. I still want to love evolve, but every day I find it harder and harder to.


Yeah, what @MisterPockets said. This game has a huge learning curve, I play almost every day and I’m still no ESL player. I used to get so angry when my pubs would screw everything up for me. I’ve been level forty since shortly after release, but I still can’t play Laz in ransoms because SOMEBODY will revive someone, and I’ll pull my hair out.

But, Evolve is different than any other game!!! If the Monster wins, it isn’t like Call of Duty or some other shooter. It isn’t, “everybody in their team outplayed everybody on our team.” It can easily be one person not doing their job, making the Monsters life cheesy easy. Don’t be upset when you lose!!! Learn from mistakes, and more importantly the mistakes of others. It isn’t your fault if the team loses, not always, and if you make a mistake don’t sweat it!!! It’s just a game, meant for fun, even though people get super competitive. :smile:

I hope you come back to it, I also hope the community grows. Consoles seem to be thriving, from what I’ve seen. But I understand your frustration, don’t let losses get you down though!!!


gee willkers batman :smirk:

but seriously playing with randoms as hunters is a huge gamble i feel like 80% or randoms suck… either monster or hunter, and when you actually find that amazing hunter group who defeats krakens and wraiths like nothing with zero communication :heart_eyes: its GLORIOUS !!! :triumph:


This happens because the game is currently so stacked in the hunter’s favor. Monsters at the top of the leaderboards are probably good enough that they shouldn’t have to wait for a group of average randoms to screw up before they dominate. Your friend probably should just give up on the game because monster buffs are on the way.


It is glorious, but more and more I’m finding that matches like that are so few and far between that the game isn’t worth playing anymore. If there’s an 80% chance that any given match I’m going to play is going to suck, why play at all? That’s what the game feels like.

@DontLetMeEvolve Man, even the wins are getting me down, because I only seem to get them either when the monster is just terrible, or I’m playing monster and the situations I’m talking about are happening to the other team. It’s kind of a hollow victory when you know you won not because you’re better than the whole enemy team and you outplayed them, but because they’ve got one person that’s just so far below all of you that they can’t win. You can’t even be mad at that person, it’s not their fault they were silver 2 and got put into a game full of challenger players because there’s no skill based matchmaking.


THATS THE BEAUTY, eventually ppl learn the game and become soo good you carry your team!!! and whats more awesome than carrying the whole team AND WINNING!!? ill tell you… ~pst: NOTHING!!! whahahahahaha

but seriously take a break and comeback later and play for fun, theres no point in trying to be the very best, trying to catch them all is my real test~ ooops u get the point :grin:


Maybe it is stacked in the Hunter’s favor, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when you’re out pubbing and your medic gets disintegrated because they broke line of sight with you for two seconds, or your assault can’t stick to the monster because he hasn’t figured out how to use his jetpack efficiently.

I’m not trying to brag about how good me and my friend are, or trash talk everyone playing the game, I just want to get some matches where we don’t have to play 100% perfectly with absolutely zero mistakes or it’s game over.


Yeah, I feel you. You take less damage pub-stomping than you would against bots, if they aren’t decent. But you’ll find good teams!!!


My only advice is whenever you play with another good hunter, ADD THEM. Eventually, you’ll hopefully have a big list of people you can jump into a match with and be sure they’ll have your back.
It’s tough sometimes, and there actually seem to be days where the hunters will all suck, so I’ll practise Wraith and Behemoth (not very good as them) for a bit, and then I’ll go back to playing hunters later.

The bugs can be frustrating, especially for Laz, who is the medic everyone WANTS to work, but even ignoring the bugs, he’s just easy to counter :L

Almost all of my Laz matches end in a team full of strikes anyway, so most people prefer a medic like Slim, who’ll do damage AS WELL as healing

I’ve no MLG player, but I consider myself a solid hunter player, and I quite often find myself getting frustrated by medics damaging instead of healing, Supports that don’t support etc. Lv40 doesn’t seem to mean anything, as I’ve played with lv35’s who have been awesome, but lots of lv40’s who don’t seem to have a clue :frowning:

On the other hand, the new arena mode might not be perfectly balanced, but is a load of fun if you just want to let off some steam =D


heh…steam… puns.


This! This this this! So much this!
Whenever I encounter a friendly player or a good player, I give them a yell saying “Hey, feel free to add me if you want, okay?” And that applies to everyone here!
I’m constantly looking for people to stack with, to play with, on PC- since the playerbase is dying out, we’re becoming a small tight-knit community over here. Yesterday I was playing with @LaggerCZE and we got paired with a level 28, 31 and 30- and they were all nice to play with, there was no rage, and in the end, one of them said to us “Hey, I’m gonna find you and add you so we can play more”

So, I welcome you, and even other PC players, with open arms. I’m ALWAYS down for playing Evolve with friendly or good players. I consider myself pretty good- not to toot my own horn, but if that’s what you’re looking for, hello.

Don’t give up on the game, it’s one of the most beautiful, unique games, I have EVER bought.
It was totally worth the PCMR edition, it was totally worth upgrading my RAM cards and blowing every penny I had to play. It was totally worth 300 or so hours or whatever I have.
If you’re gonna do anything, I’d take a break, if it’s starting to get to you. But for me? I’m on this game forever until the last stand.


Do not know how the medic went down so easily if you were playing hank and shielding him the entire time with capacity increase and orbital strikes.


So you lost twice, one was a super close match so you quit for the night out of frustration?!? I’ll give you a hint, never play Monster if you were frustrated this easy being a Hunter.


I agree. I mean yeah hunters are a gamble and although frustrating to have level 40 noobs, it can be rewarding knowing you were the glue that made the win in those Games.

However, it shouldn’t be as random as it is, and although Xbox has SmartMatch to match you with players of similar skill (which doesn’t seem to be employed in this game), there should be a skill matching algorithm that pairs players by region, then region rank for preferred class.

I’d be willing to wait a little longer for match making if it meant I was guaranteed a team of players who knew their role. And for those players who want a faster match, the smartmatch feature could be disabled for quickplay.

Any takers on that?


Exactly. You’re upset while being invisible to the monster and losing? Well, you got outplayed. Hunters currently have a 65-70% win-rate.