I'm fairly certain the new monster is poison/acid based, here's why

An interesting theory that has been tossed about. :slight_smile: But, the T5 monster being a Basilisk Soldier would ruin the entire mysterious lore behind Evolve’s monsters. It will evolve in a chemically cocoon like the other monsters, eat and gain armor like them, come from an egg like them, etc. That would imply that all of them are some failed Basilisk Soldier experiment.

That also means if they were Basilisk, I’m pretty sure someone would have noticed. We have some Hunters that fought or knew Gen 1 or 2 Basilisk Soldiers (including Lazarus, Torvald, and Hyde), so I’m sure they knew how they worked or what they looked like. We also have the nerdy scientist Caira, who has been studying the monsters and what their bodies are made up of.

Caira said they aren’t eggs!

They’re egg-like / egg-shaped! ;-; I believe Nest Mode refers to them as eggs, too.

Okay, they come from glowy red bulbous armored gloppy things!. :grin:

Can you provide the reference for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

last night i thot about random moves. I thot of a cool ability to zombie a dead hunter. he wouldnt shoot. but he would run at them really fast lol. and it was a skill shot that you could miss horribly. like you would need to be more accurate than the original toungue grab.


I hope its name is Leviathan or “Levy” for short

But Leviathan is a name for huge monsters :sweat_smile:

So is behemoth


could be huge. No one was expecting trapper to be looking like that lol

We all thought it was some samurai crap or pirate lol hahahha

None of the monsters are gendered, none have any reproductive organs, none are capable of reproduction.

Names and genders of monsters are just code names and catch phrases humans in the world give them based on appearance and behavior and the normal bullshit of naming things which is often sorta random.


Like I was saying, there are no genders. ^.^
It’s like in the other thread, where they’re trying to assign genders to robots. -.-

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Yes, but Behemoth is pretty big, so the name fits better :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kishan_Devkaran Well, by looking at the monster’s silhouette, I really doubt it will have a name like that, but who knows! That’s just my opinion, maybe you’re right :smile:

People think the new one is a she. Watch out, people will get you for that apparently. :wink:


Oh wow, I didn’t noticed I wrote “he” :sweat_smile: I don’t really care what gender the monster is though and the devs stated that monsters are genderless.

no gender rememeber

Mhmm, that’s the point.

'Twas a joke, because people keep arguing about the genders. :wink:

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DERP, sorry :sweat_smile:

Why do you ignore me so?

I didn’t see that post! D: