I'm downloading the alpha and it takes so much time, how long does it take you?


For the xb1 pre download


As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck wood.


Downloaded it on PC in about an hour and a half


Google “Test My Speed”, click the first link, run the test and post your results.


Those results are never the ones you actually download with.


They’re a lot more accurate than “it’s slow”


It still gives me a good idea on how long it’ll take for him by comparing it to MY speed (14Mbps down; it took me 2.5 hours to dl it).


I got 56 down and 10 up :slight_smile: and i will be a PC player = steamservers = 10 mb/s download sometimes.


Someone’s using Comcast, aren’t they? I’m using the Rural connection here, and it’s costing me an arm and a leg for this speed ($73/month). Also a Steam user.


Such jealousy!

My 1.5 mbps connection is still chugging away at it. Started about 12 hours ago, it’s half-way done.


We don’t have comcast in europe/belgium.


Naw he’s in Europe, where the internets flow like water and the gigabytes condense to dew on windowpanes at night.


most speed tests / isp’s show MBit, you have to divide the speed by 8, so if you have a 50MBit connection you can download with roughly 5.6MB/s :smile: I got 100/100 connection (so love fibre).


I can get much faster speeds on steam than that :slight_smile:


Steam does push through downloads sometimes so even if he has 56 down he may be pulling closer to 10 at times.


I remember those days…actually, that was about 3 months ago for me before I moved out of my mother’s house.


Haha, yea going to my ISP website constantly to see if I can get anything better and a big banner is saying “SPEEDS UP TO 1 Gbps!”

Meanwhile I can’t even upgrade to 7 mbps… :cry:


my download speed is 500kb…



I pay for data, not speed 12 gig limit at 80$…yay