I'm done with the wraith


Played in the MLG tournament, and we lost to a “higher seed” team who played two rounds as monster. Both times we played against wraith. Both times we lost. It is ridiculous that something that calls itself “Major League Gaming” doesn’t bar a monster that is CLEARLY an unfair advantage, and even more so without player perks. My team had basically given up hope when the leader of the other team joined into our party and announced he would be paying wraith both times. In a tournament you expect the players to know how to play the game (which he did) and wraith is, according to @MacMan , receiving the brunt of the balance patch. Basically, tournaments should not let a character (in this case a monster) that is clearly broken to be allowed in tournaments if they want to be taken seriously.

I Have To Say This

which is why MLG itself is a jokethis isnt the only game they’ve pulled stunts like this


It’s obvious you don’t belong in anything considered “MLG” if you can’t beat a Wraith.





I still don’t know how such an asymmetrical game that is founded upon the very idea of imbalance is even something people would try to be competitive at. I mean I guess if one neutral player used a monster and went against two teams and the team that killed that unaffiliated player faster was the winner maybe but I’d hardly call it competitive.


Simple answer play as wraith it has the lowest skill ceiling and just about anybody can be good with it. An ok wraith is still better than an expert Goliath player. All MLg teams should be required to use wraith.


I haven’t even unlocked wraith yet and when I get put into a game in progress as wraith, I either win at stage one, or the wraith is already about to win without my taking over. from what I can tell, supernova is just strong enoguh to wipe a party, and recharges fast enough to wipe said party again.
It probably doesn’t help that every wraith player I’ve gone against can seemingly see cloaked hunters clear as day and can stay on their ass no matter what, but that’s let the wraith and more the way cloak is implimented at the moment. Still, always seems to be a wraith that’s exploiting it and knowing exactly where a cloacked hunter is at any given moment. maybe it’s just supernova has that wide a hitbox and reveales the hunter on hit, I don’t know…


So that whoever higher seed is wins…



The problem here is NOT that it’s OP, (I think it is but that’s besides the point) the problem is that everyone has acknowledged that it needs fixing including devs and players alike yet they allow it in tournament settings with this being a known issue.


If it’s not OP then it’s not an issue. So obviously people do think it’s OP otherwise there wouldn’t be debates about allowing it into a tournament.


Well, @Atriax, I think it is OP. I made that clear.


Then why would you say “the problem here is not that it’s OP.” You’re literally just arguing with yourself.


cant you read, hes talking about a competitive tournament and despite wraith is known OP they still allowed players to use it and he has a problem with that


i fixed that for you.

all tourneys up until now where won by a goliath if i am correct? #bangoliath


My problems with the wraith is that getting it into a dome can be near impossible against a smart monster player, if they save at least 2 bars of their stamina and have 1 point into their #1 skill (forgot what it’s called, the forward leap and mini-explode skill) then high chances are they’re getting out of that dome, even if they’re in the center of it being placed.

Second is trying to even deal damage to a wraith that’s refusing to attack in a dome, they can run, hide and decoy their way to hiding somewhere else, the Map and dome location also plays heavy into this annoying hiding and movement of the wraith.

Lastly, I’ve found that not having Markov in the team against a high/full health wraith at stage 3 is a massive pain and good chances of the hunters getting destroyed, if there’s no mines then there’s nothing to make the monster have to work to get in or fear anything with that immense burst and movement ability.


Personally I find out of all the monsters goliath is the easiest to win with played a game against a good team (hank caira markov and abe) won after some pretty heavy fights (with a few strikes) at stage 3 (and yes I engaged at stage 2) then next game I went goliath won stage 2 only missing 2 bars of health.


You dont fight wraith, she fights you when she chooses. A half witted player can get her to stage 3 without much harassment from the hunters and even if youve got a good trapper its like Crash above me said, wraith just uses Decoy, hides and waits for hunters to find her, and repeat until dome runs out and she continues to evolve. There is no doubt that a 4man coordinated team with mics and a strategy is able to kill wraith but the fact remains that the general public is encountering a very very big problem with her.


why not be competitive?
5 hunter teams vs 5 monster players and each team versus each monster once
team with most wins of those 5 rounds is declared the winner likewise the monster player with most wins

just a basic layout of how it could be done


Yeah I know it’s possible, just a little hard to pull off. Especially when most competitive gamers bicker and whine for everything to be perfectly balanced and fair for both “teams” in a game. The asymmetry of Evolve just begs for complainers in a competitive scene.


Maybe the problem is, that it isn’t CPL!

Not sure if it still exists… Hasn’t been to DFW in a while.

Clearly the problem is, the tournament isn’t at Quakecon!