I'm done with Hunt 2.0


http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Casual%20Carnage/video/6896636 <---- For full video.

Really? The game loads up, ends because I “abandoned” it even though I did no such thing and kicks all players to the result screen while I’m greed with a demotion from Silver Expert all the way down to Bronze Skilled. This is beyond ridiculous at this point, and I have reached my threshold of tolerance for the bugs going on in this game’s matchmaking.

All placement matches, all the games and hours spent climbing up Silver gone. Over something I have no control over. Now I’m going to have to pubstomp a s*** load of Bronze tiered Hunter teams (which neither team is going to enjoy) just to get back to the point I was placed into? :confused:

This is the 3rd bug/glitch related loss I’ve had, and has absolutely devastated everything I’ve worked for in matchmaking. Unreal. That was likely my last game in Hunt 2.0 for a long, long time. I’ve been a fan and have defended this game since release, but after game breaking events like this it’s simply not worth the frustration anymore.

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