Im done whit Quick play as Monster


I love Hunt in Quick Play but the only mode i can play as Monster is Defend or Arena ( both are boring as Monster )

If i finally get a Hunt match this happend to me every time :

  • a other player get the role
  • ppl who didnt want to play Monster get the role
  • a Bot get the role
  • if i get Monster i get kicked out the match
  • the game select a random monster for me

( i already hv make a Video about this on my YT Channel but it is very weird xD )

i just can play like 3 Hunt Match as Monster in a day

its really frustrated 4 me
if this still happend im going to destroy my 6 - 0 Rank on Hunt 2.0 whit free loses so i will get Bronze - Destroyer

Just because i finally can play Monster in Hunt whitout waiting 5 years to find a Match and get the same Premade Team over and over again

i give a S… of my Rank as Monster i just want to play Hunt like on the Release whitout Defend and Arena


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