I'm decided who the DLC Hunters should be


Assault - Brick
Medic - Lilith
Support - Roland
Trapper - Mordecai

Hey, it’s all in the 2K Games family, right? Make it happen!


Heck, a cross-over of the universes (In a serious manner, mind you.) wouldn’t be too bad, it might even be feasible.


Heck yeah man!


Heck yes! 10 char


Wonder what the two would think of a crossover/spinoff at some point?

Actually that’s not a bad idea.

Borderlands + Evolve = ???

Still retaining the boss aspect. Also leveling and staging up.

Maybe we could try it like something that Dark Souls does with it’s Invasions?

@macman Posting here to see what he thinks for the future, not what’s currently lined up.


Anything’s possible. I like cross-game stuff, as long as it isn’t silly.


Silly? Its Borderlands. I guess thats a no then.


I don’t like the idea of cross game stuff it will always destroy the mood of the game this isn’t Mario smash brothers it would just feel awkward at best.
Unless it was just a model skin that other players could turn off so they wouldn’t have to see it then I’d be fine with that.


Borderlands 1 was more on the serious side, so there’s that. As long as they keep it serious.

Silly isn’t always bad; but when it goes out of the way to do it when seriousness has already been established, there might be an issue.

Evolve’s is mainly the dialogue.


Silly is awesome. Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite games.


It was a good game yes, but I think they were trying a bit too hard. With evolve, the humor’s a bit more subtle. Especially the SALGE line.


Deep beneath Shear’s surface, scientists have discovered something. A Vault. And where there’s a vault, there are Vault Hunters. But Shear is no Pandora. Brightly coloured psychopaths are one thing, merciless horrors from beyond and beneath are something entirely different. And 87 bazillion guns might not be enough.

Take control of Pandora’s infamous Vault Hunters as they attempt to break through the most terrifying and powerful enemies in the galaxy and plunder all of Shear’s unnatural resources. Become the monster and protect the planet from these wisecracking shmucks. Wield powerful new weapons with strange and unpredictable effects. Go Psycho.

BORDERVOLVE. Coming Fall 2016.


I wouldn’t mind that at all. Heck, one of the best dlc ideas I have heard of in a while.


Yeah, it’d be really intresting to see what could happen if gearbox and trs bashed their heads together and came up with something.

I wonder what possible cross-overs could be done in general if 2k allowed it. Could be nifty.


Humor is subjective and everyone’s allowed to have their own tastes, but you have to accept that you’re in the minority on that opinion. Borderlands is wildly popular and a lot of that is due to the humor.


Borderlands makes me laugh too much. Not that I’m complaining…


I’d also be cool with a map on Pandora, or a Monster made out of Claptrap (play the Robolution DLC if you don’t think it could work).


I know, I’m not saying humor is wrong (Look at RA3, they just went full out with it).


Lol bricks special ability should be punching the monster to death doing a bar per strike lol.


Incredibly risky…

@macman Best ask your team what they’d like to do/what they’d want to do, and what 2k would be okay with. Never hurts to have the window open, huh?