I'm curious how are you liking the new hunt (founders)?


I like to hear from monster players and Hunters. Thank you very much.


I love it! Maps look cool and I can actually play Online without bugging like crazy and crashing :smiley:


Much more combat oriented (very good thing) maps are much lighter which is also good thing! Though I do miss some of the darker maps honestly…


Monster Main…

I am loving it. The wildlife spawns are enough to keep me fed but not too much, and the overall map reworks make circling the hunters much more convenient.

Right now for me I can take on most teams (but that exp backing me up) and people are starting to recognize me and leave matches 8(

The nice thing is that the player base is so high atm that getting in and out of matches is nice and quick.

The pacing I think is done well too. With minimal feeding I can engage the hunters quickly and decide from their what their styles may be.

Fighting the hunters is relativity fun less the hunters just popping out of my pounces ( I think if they have a shield they can jump out ) and I am now running into more coherent hunter teams making for some great fights too!

Overall not too bad. I would rather have the planetary scanner than feeding alert birds any day as well.

Overall, very happy… but what I really like… is building out my monster with its perks tiers. So many variants to use!


I like it, but new players can really bring games down because they need to learn so much about the game to play decently on a team, but I try to help.

The major problems that I have are:

  • lack of skins for non-T2 hunters (they are coming, but TRS is more focused on bugs, so it would have been nice for at least 1 Hunter on each teir to have a skin).
  • Emet’s new healing is too difficult even for Emet mains like me who’ve played him since his release.
  • ignorance surrounding new players with stealth, OP/UP characters/monsters, and forum rules.

Other than those problems, I really like Stage 2.


The new hunt is GREAT for casual play. Very easy to pick up, dont have to worry as much about players performing their role. However, as other threads have pointed out, the new hunt is PURE CANCER in high levels of play, where many of the founders sit. It’s incredibly hunter biased. I mean, I’ve got an 85% winrate as hunter when playing with friends. Something is wrong there.