I'm convinced cabot adaptation will belong in the propaganda era

Since R.Abe “takes up the mantle of his fallen friends”,and one of his kit contain Damage amplifier.I give a wild stab that Cabot ded and Rage Abe salvage his gear.So i will not surprise if this happen,

Only time will tell.but until then,i will prepare this song just in case

I don’t think he will be. C-Bucket is already confirmed for it, so I don’t think Cabot will be in it.

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Maybe… C-Bucket will be Cabot Bucket. Cabot’s love for his first ever team member grows too strong and he fuses parts of Bucket onto himself, giving us… CABUCKET.


I actually had an idea like this! I think it’d be pretty cool.

Yeah,but i’m still sure hes gonna die tho

Oh yeah, no doubt about it. However, deceased heroes probably don’t only exist in the Overpowered Period. For all we know, Renegabe dies too, but they never created a heroic image of him.

Be interesting to see Battle Cabot fits

I’ma need some sauce on this

I also said “For all we know”. I never said he did die. It’s unknown as to whether or not he survives.

So Catacylsm is Meaty, Waggie, Renegabe and Babot

Yup,and judging by the gear Cabot got from Hank,i’d would say Hank probably ded .But last time i said Cabage ded due to R.Abe have his gear and i’m wronged.So i won’t believe me that much

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well the orbital is kind of BS anyway, seeing as it draws power from the sun and the power source must must be hotter/louder than what it is producing. As the monsters can survive lightning pretty well which is hotter than the surface of the sun if we poked the monster with markov’s lightning gun, they’re dead. and also the solar orbital which would have lost heat since it came down should not be able to do shite against a monsters armor

Well Babot doesn’t have a damage amp so I guess that’s why Renegabe has it (he stole IT!!! ;-; )