I'm confused now.... so.... more DAMAGE or PELLETS? (SLIM)

Stop confusing me TRS, pls.

I know it’s pellets but why are you saying that it’s dmg, this is confusing as hell !!!

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Well, you do damage everytime you get that healing burst up, so it’s not wrong, the pellets do damage when they land, so more healing

What about with the damage amp?

More pellets hitting=more landed shots that contribute to the cooldown of the burst.
More landed shots=more damage.

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@_@ Well yeah, I guess is misleading

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Again, how about the damage amp?

I don’t believe that increases the cooldown.
It increases the damage of the pellets, but it doesn’t cause more of them to land so it shouldn’t count towards the cooldown.

But it says the more damage you do.

TRS have consistently said it’s linked to the number of hits not the damage dealt. 2K may have got their promo material a little off message there.

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That infographic is most likely aimed at the general audience, not hardcore know-it-alls like us.
So it probably just glosses over the finer points of how the Leech Gun works, since as rule, like I said previously:

If you’re doing more damage you’re landing a greater number of shots.
This isn’t taking into consideration other factors such as perks, the damage amp etc, so I can see where the confusion has arisen.


Ah, okay. Thanks.

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That’s why he’s a risk reward type of Hunter. The closer you get to the monster, the more pellets hit, the more damage you do. Burst recharges much faster and you heal more. As you move further away from the monster,was pellets hit and burst recharges slower.

Except that falls apart because the Monster can focus you and you won’t be able to fire very much which means you won’t be able to heal very much. Without Hank or Sunny you’re dead.

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If Cabot’s damage amp would indeed increase the healing recharge by 200% as well, they would actually play in rather good harmony. Cabot can actually use the amp then for improved healing as well. Slim kinda only is viable with either Hank or Sunny now, if the damage amp could boost healing the synergy for Slim would be amazing and worth every second of teamplay. It does make Cabot a very heavy aggro target, but he already kinda is.