I'm confused about the unlocks


I’m confused about the third tier hunters and the Behemoth. So, for example, I can ‘grind’ the Goliath, and unlock the Kracken; and same for hunters. So, can I unlock Behemoth by ‘grinding’ with the Wraith? Or can I only get the Behemoth by buying the DLC?


Both I believe. You need the monster pack to be able to unlock the Behemoth and I believe when you have 1 star in each category for the wraith you unlock behemoth to play as. So in theory if it lets you keep your stars on each character/class you can have behemoth when he’s launched into the game.


No grinding required to unlock DLC characters, as far as I’m aware.


Well it will be either one of our theories but only time (or a dev telling us) will tell how it will works.


Major Lee is a dev. You only need to grind the 2nd and 3rd tiers. All Dlc will be instant unlock.


So I need to buy the Behemoth, and then unlock it?


Not according to the other guys. I trust them I’ve seen Commando on several threads so I’m pretty sure he’s knows what he’s talking about, and if MajorLeeHyper is a dev than no you don’t have to unlock. You just have to have the dlc.


So, no way to grind. Only buy?


Correct it’s DLC. You only pay for new hunters and monsters. Maps and new modes are free.


I guess so.