I'm computer stupid-- CD driver question..?


So my car is old and doesn’t have an AUX port, so i’m basically stuck making cds to listen to new music i download. I used to be able to burn cds but between updating my itunes to some newer version not too long ago as well as upgrading my pc to windows 10 from windows 7 i can’t burn cds anymore. itunes and windows media player both don’t recognize that there is a cd driver in my pc anymore… :frowning:

So i googled my problem and the internet (basically anyway) said that i needed a software update for the driver to work again but some i have to pay for which i don’t want to do and i don’t want to download one that has a bunch of ads or virus crap on it. Am i screwed or do i just have to buy one or what are my good options here?

Any help to get me making cds again for free would be hugely appreciated :smiley:


You can always install an aux cord into your car. All you have to do is replace the stereo system. That might be cheaper than the software update, depending on what you buy.


Just look up the manufacturer of the CD drive to get the latest drivers for it; Windows 10 SHOULD be smart enough with drivers to have automatically found one, but it doesn’t sound like that happened.

Alternately, if it’s the burning software that you need, just grab ImgBurn (for free) to do the burning for you. (I assume that iTunes still lets you have direct access to your music files; I haven’t used it in a decade.)