I'm calling you out, Rofl Copter Servers Rex!

I know your type, REX of clan ROFL Copter Servers!
You think you’re the best in the world. You think you’re so good cause you’re the ~50th best Evolve player in the world.
I’m calling you out! I’m challenging you to a ONE VERSUS ONE game on Evolve.

Next Friday, June 31st.
Be there, or be square!

That’s nice, dred.

Excuse me what now? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your profile pic is not a rose anymore…

We all know Rexy only has his leaderboard position because of a combination of his testosterone levels and preordering.

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How do you even 1v1 on Evolve? That’s hardly balanced


Well, if one of the ones is trash and the other is not trash, it can work. :3

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Thank you for noticing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rex is more known to be a circle guy.

Why him in particular? Why not someone higher on the leaderboards?

Because nobody else is relevant.

I actually pay people to be better than me.

Now that I think of it, I believe we have a policy about not posting other people’s usernames on the forum. :frowning:

But do you fully understand your policy?

Well if it is a joke between friends, no harm no foul.

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Well, It’s to prevent name shaming as far as I’ve understood.

I agree. But @TheMountainThatRoars removed the name from this thread too, so I just assumed it applied in all cases.

Well then you’d never be able to post any usernames. :stuck_out_tongue: As far as I know it only applies to posting names in a negative context, one that would cause users to avoid the named player. Like saying “Have you fought team xxx, they’re too good, it isn’t fun” and being serious, that would warrant an edit. This? Not so much, from my perspective.

Totally agree. ^^ Thanks for clarifying. :smile:

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i’m calling all you out.

for being awesome.

I noticed… I was just too scured to ask.