I'm back, what'd I miss?


Hey y’all how’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums and I know I have some catching up to do… So what’s up? What did I miss?


Elder Kraken drops tomorrow! :elderkraken:



Welcome back! Nothing much has changed, we got a few new leaders and Mods along with some new emotes. **Edit:**And EK drops tomorrow.


Damn you’re fast! I heard about elder Kraken, he seems pretty cool! What’s your take on him?


Welcome back. :slightly_smiling:

I think mountain has you covered on what’s new. Don’t know whether you’ve seen kala yet, but she is awesome. Worth trying out if you can.


Holy crap, I forget you guys use keyboards so you can type fast :laughing: my laptop broke so I’m using my phone to type


Well the one match I was lucky to play against him, he smoked the medic and took out the rest of the team without much effort.

He’s insanely cool looking and is more melee focused. I don’t have much more to share but tomorrow should be a good day!


I’m on my phone. I’m just really quick.


Hell of a lot faster than my slow ass that’s for sure :snail:


I’ve tried Kala and I suck as her :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but she’s insanely fun! I gotta get more plays as her!


She does take a while to get used to, like most hunters I suppose. But yeah, she really is fun to play as and against really. :smile:


I saw a few videos about him and I wanna try him out. He seems like a Kraken better suited to my playstyle.


He’s a ground based fighter. He doesn’t even have snowballs like OGK.


Same here!


Okay now I gotta think of a nickname for EK, I have one for the other monsters. You guys got any?


Most people just call it Elder K.


Oh, also, we have these now.

:torvald: :slim: :healingdrone::crow: :gobi: :sunny_face: :sunny_drone: :behemoth:
:lennox: :lennox_suit: :emet: :emetangry: :emethealing: :emetoh: :jack_face: :jack_mask: :kala: :gorgon:
:markov_bl: :val_rogue: :maggie_wasteland: :combattrapjaw: :hank_techsgt: :meteor_goliath:
:chloe_erg: :angrysquirrel: :chloe_judge: :chris: :cory: :db: :db_stealth_kappa: :matt: :phil: :shane: :shane_alien: :tara_erg: :tara_knows:


Many call him Kelder.


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