I'm back and I want competition


Hey all,

I don’t know if any of you remember me from earlier this year when I used to prowl these forums like a mofo. I even made an Evolve birthday game. Enough reminiscing though. I made a New Year’s resolution to get into a competitive gaming scene, and a thought just occurred to me that maybe Evolve might be getting more involved in it. So I’m back on the forums and I want blood. Yours.

Not literally. I just want to play some competitive games in the Evolve scene so I can fulfill my resolution. :wink: Where can I find info on tournaments? Should I sign up for an eSports league of some kind? What else should I consider that I’m leaving out? Please let me know!


They still do weekend tournaments, right?

Tagging some people whom played in weekend tournaments in the past: @MaddCow, @10cupcake00, @Trollogrefey


Thanks dude. Let me tell you I can play a mean Behemoth. :wink:


You can just sign up for the bi-weekly tourneys that they do (every 2 weeks).you can find more details in that thread dedicated to the community tournament if you really want :slight_smile:


Yes they do. Biweekly for a skin reward.


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