I'm almost willing to pay money to finish these stupid masteries


Some of them I don’t mind. They’re challenging, but not impossible. You can tranq the monster with Val from 60m away fairly easily. On the other hand it is just annoying to need to get 50 revives with Slim’s healing bug. It takes no mastery to throw the bug at someone, you just have to hope your teammates A. go down and B. don’t revive the guy before your bug can, even with you telling them to leave him alone.

I would almost rather spend 5 bucks and be done than play 50 matches hoping I can get one revive in each.


I believe the upcoming patch is having a rehaul on masteries to make them less…irritating and more reachable ^.^





Our Lord and Savior is always eager to help with such things


Just grind slims bug in solo rescue and restart when you get the last survivor up



If 2K sees this then you can bet your sweet cushion that they’ll have this micro transaction up and ready within the hour!

Shhhh… It’s for the greater good!


alot of the masteries can be done way easier in solo mode mess a little with the settings and map perks to get maximum efficency


I would pay to complete the masteries or to get some booster or what not its a great F2p idea!
450h in the game really dislike grinding solo or what not and i dont use the skills that im missing.


Paying for mods…


I know the feeling…It’s taking me ages to get Behemoth and Goliath to Elite. But paying for this would be as hollow as buying another skin. To me the skin is a reward for all the work done, once you get there you’ll feel proud of yourself.

Plus yeah, in the next patch they’re reducing the requirements.



And again, I’m cool with that on some of them. As goliath it’s up to me to hit 2 people at once with a rock throw. That’s how the character is supposed to be played and it requires at least a little mastery of the character to accomplish.

On the other hand as Maggie I have zero control over Daisy. I can’t make her go revive someone if she doesn’t want to, and I certainly can’t stop other people from reviving. And if our medic is a badass nobody might go down at all. But the game requires so many revives from the dog. There’s no skill or even effort required from me. If it gets done I didn’t earn it, it’s just a thing that happened.

Even worse are ones like Val’s that want me to heal someone just before they die. That basically forces me to let them keep taking damage, which is the opposite of what a medic is supposed to do.

Also, does reviving the survivors in rescue count towards masteries? I seem to recall trying to do that to work on Laz and they didn’t.


Yes it does, thats how I got all of my elite medics