I'm addicted to the feeding speed perk


i can’t play with any other perk other than this…
played a match vs lvl 40 trapper and he can’t cut me off neither do dome me

this perk is like a drug, once you used it you can’t never stop


The issue with it is that you’re missing out on a combat perk for it. I have a hard time justifying anything that doesn’t directly help me in combat, because at the end of the day you will be in combat.


Same with the jetpack perk for hunters for me. I feel so slow and sluggish without it. Never having the dodges when I need them.


I 2nd this. Makes me evolve faster. Traverse quicker around map due to less time standing and feeding. Regenerate armor quickly when needed. Devour buffs even if 1 hunter is guarding (dont need to eat whole wildlife to gain buff), And doesnt make it boring for the hunting team as im able to stage 3 very quickly if im not domed. Leads to quicker stage 3 battles which makes both parties happier.

What pisses me off a lot as hunters is a monster that sneaks around all game and takes 15-20 mins to evolve to stage 3. Without a daisy or bucket… Some monsters play that way and its just boring as hell and irritating as hunters. I mean we get you are really ninja and can stay crouched in one lil corner area of the map for 10 minutes. Soo much skill! :stuck_out_tongue:

Feeding perk is win/win for both parties.


Monsters are already beast enough to battle in combat at stage 2 or 3. Really no need to have an extra combat perk. Evolving quicker to stage 2 and 3 is my mantra for winning as monster. I have an overall monster record around 80-7 with 90% of my games using feeding perk… Even against high level set teams.


I do fairly well as monster. I don’t main it. I hate it in fact. But I play it when I get it. I have around 70% but ALWAYS take a fight at level 1. No matter what I fight at level 1. Game is too boring on monster side for me otherwise so I like to have cooldown reduction for the fast strikes. But I have a dumb playstyle.


All the perks are like this. I just jump between them, unable to decide because they’re all so good. I just use a dice now, lol.


I used the movement speed perk alit cause I just like moveing faster as the monster. But for hunters it’s usually jet pack or reload speed also damage bonus for both parties sometimes