I'm a Medic main, looking to learn Torvald, tips?

So I’m looking to learn to play torvald and I would like some tips from the experts if it’s not too much of a burden?

First: you gotta where a viking helmet… okay, not really, but my biggest tip for you is if you need to Mortar close range then look straight up and fire, looking down won’t do anything. Also, throw out those Shrapnel Grenades inbetwixt reloads.

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@demonhunter1245, I summon thee!


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Okay thanks for the help friend, I will use that info now xD

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I run quick switch, but most run capacity.

The important thing is getting his weapon cycling down. Landing mortars is important, don’t get me wrong, but focusing entirely on mortars at the expense of shotgun will get you killed.

I prefer to cycle Mortar, shrapnel, shotgun, shrapnel, shotgun, mortar, shrapnel, Ect.
With capacity it is more like Mortar, shrapnel, shotgun, shotgun, mortar, but I digress

Mortars are something you want to think about the entire time, and focus on the monster’s movements, you want to be able to snap fire the mortars into the monster’s path and quickly get back to shotgun and grenades with as little down time as possible. I can often get a shrapnel grenade and a magazine of shotgun into the monster before the mortars get to it, which is ideal. The shotgun is very important because the monster can’t avoid it, so sacrificing it’s output leaves you at high risk if the monster is good at avoidance.

The grenades and shotgun will out damage the mortars over the course of a fight, so missing with the mortars isn’t the biggest issue. I often spray the mortars over a large area and only expect to land on or 2, focusing them all in the same place is dangerous, and allows the monster to more easily avoid all damage. Such it should be reserved for when the monster does not want to, or can’t, avoid them at all, such as if it is trying to get the down on a character, where avoiding the mortars will cost it more than the health the mortars take away. If the monster is moving carefully, and has not committed to a very predictable action, then the best bet is to spray mortars across a large swath of land so that the monster will not be able to avoid all of the damage, as 1 mortar each barrage is better then none.

Grenades, they deal enough damage to interrupt feeding, and stealth, so if you can’t get line of sight on the monster, such as it is around a corner or over a hill, you should throw shrapnel grenades. This will force the monster to move to feed, wasting time, and giving you more to close in, or it will outright stop the feeding and leave weakspots for anyone who can get to the monster.

If you can avoid setting of the proximity fuse on the decoy they are also a great way to reveal wraith, as they cover a larger cone than the shotgun and can be spammed, allowing you to save the full shotgun for after you know where she is, and gives you the benefit of the weak spot damage, opposed to firing shotgun and wasting half of it on nothing before potentially losing wraith during the reload.

TlDr, use shotgun a lot, don’t waste too much time trying to land mortars, and use the grenades for utility in addition to damage.

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@CreepingDeath Tips


You have summond thee Torvald Stavig!

Here’s my tip…
Talk dirty nothings to your controller.

In all seriousness, imagine where the Monster is going, if he is going to focus on a hunter, shoot mortars where the knockback of the monsters abilities would hit your teamate.
I’ll link a quick video of me killing Flippy in one dome…

I’ll come up with others things as I go.

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Hopefully I helped in someway :wink:

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What Demonhunter said- predict where he’s going when he focuses a team mate.

Apart from that, try to stay below him- decreases mortar travel time. And you know how they said it was a close range weapon? Yeah they lied, shotgun the fuck out of that thing. It has like a two point five meter minimum range but apart from that it’s essentially as good a CQC weapon as any.

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Torvald is all about anticipation. And you have to constantly be expecting monsters to be expecting you and avoiding the mortars, you must look into the future and see what the monster will do then drop mortars there. It also helps to ping a certain spot of ledge and have a team mate that’s being focuses to run into the pings with the monster on their ass.
Communication with your trapper is also key to maximizing your damage on the mortars too. If you can get a good griffin or jack to call out when the monster is gonna get stopped then drop mortars directly on them as they get harpoon in the ass then they will eat an entire barrage. Also always pick capacity.
And don’t neglect the shrapnel grenade anymore, I have actually found it to be very useful with the shotgun. Especially if you have bucket slim or Abe on the team. Monster camping a body? Throw a shrapnel and have bucket throw down 5 sentries while you go to work on the mortars and shotgun, the monster will melt like butter in a hot pan.
Also stop moving with the shotgun if possible to increase its accuracy.
And when monsters focus you jet pack straight up and drop mortars beneath you on it, if the monster is stupid it will wait for you to come down and take a barrage to the face.

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Thanks for the advice although I’m on a console communication is hard. But either way I’ll just get a party going lol. Still thanks again

I’m on console too, ps4

Msg me ur psn name if u wanna play I’m on rn

Can’t I’m away right now

My most played is Val but I’m trying to master Sunny.

Okay man [10char]

Val is fun, try slim :slight_smile: bug man is the best. Just don’t say that to @10shredder00 he don’t like slim haha