I'm a little worried about the 3rd monster


I’m worried about how wraith will actually play in the gamemodes, esp. Hunt.
If wraith reaches stage 3, and it’s a stealth monster like it looks like, how will it defeat the hunters if they are bunched up at gen?

Take it from all the other games that involve stealthy characters, they never win against the all around base guys, let alone tanky guys like the assault, unless they get the drop on them.

Probably TRS has this problem figured out, but just wondering if you can just let out a little as to how this will play out


maybe ur goal as the wraith is not to stage 3 win? maybe killing them in the chase of stage 2 is wraiths shining moments?

also if the wraith has high single target burst potential once she gets in like most assasins. then u will blink in down one then blink out depending on the situation. i think shell be fine at stage 3. just gotta smelll so you can see them traps


I’m not worried about her being stage 3, I’m talking about what if the hunters camp at the gen and just out mines around them and hope for the best?


I have 12 Big Alpha monster wins on my youtube channel. I showcase this very scenario.
What you do is, fight one of the hunters so they will attack you (preferably support) then down them. Then its just a matter of time b4 the hunters are dead. Remember, once one hunter is down, the others will try and revive. Down the hunter away from the mines etc (or blow them up with ranged attack) and you win! www.youtube.com/donzillla


Let’s wait and see how the abilities work and then we have enough material to discuss that. Until then there’s no point in speculating.


Guess so, can’t wait for the annoucement


I think you need to wait and see exactly what the Wraith does before jumping to conclusions and getting too worried. You don’t even know exactly what the abilities do. I suspect TRS have played a few rounds with the Wraith at stage 3 :wink:


I’ll go check it out later man! Have fun in the alpha? Got it for Xbox one and had a great time


Im pretty sure the devs have this all figured out if their 50:50 victory ratio of monster vs hunter is true


Well then if you just expect the Hunters are hoping for the best by placing mines then you should have no trouble against them as the Monster! :wink:

Also, hit me up on the Xbox One too, my Gamertag is the same as the one you see here! :smile:


Alright man! I’ll add you this weekend when I got time, because of school and stuff. :slight_smile:


I have a guess.

Based on the recent trailer, people are assuming Wraith can perform short ranged teleports as her travel power. I’m guessing that’s accurate. I’m also guessing that some of her main abilities incorporate this, a bit like how Goliath can leap normally, but also do his special leap smash.

So, two of Wraith’s abilities that we have to go on by name are “Warp Blast” and “Abduct.” I’m going to hazard a guess that Warp Blast involves Wraith teleporting to a targeted destination or enemy, and upon arriving releasing a blast of energy. Likewise, I’m going to guess that Abduct involves Wraith teleporting to a targeted enemy or location, and then grabbing her enemy and teleporting back to her point of origin, carrying the hapless foe with her.

What this means is Wraith will probably have light armor and health, but be built around the idea of exposing herself to as little fire as possible by making extremely quick-hit-and-run attacks. The hunters are camping the generator? Wraith watches from a distance, then teleports in, sets off a Warp Blast, unleashes some Decoys (whatever they may be) to draw fire, sets off some Supernovas (whatever those are) and then teleports out. Or she teleports in, Abducts a hunter, teleports out, and then goes to town on the lone hunter while his/her buddies try to rush to the rescue. The hunters can’t stay at the generator if there’s a monster just out of range that keeps zapping in to let off explosions before running off with one of their friends.

In other words, if Goliath is all about getting up in the hunters’ faces and staying there and Kraken is all about keeping his distance and raining death from above, Wraith is all about darting in, doing a ton of burst damage, and then darting out again before anybody can hit her.


yeah i wouldnt worry if the hunters camp and let u farm. if u notice they are no where to be found go look for them with full armor stage 2. if they are indeed camping u have 2 choices. go to stage 3 and find a perk that will help u win. or if ur confident (and smart) fight them and get as many strikes as you can before ur armor runs out. then stage up to stage 3. it helps for the final fight.

lastly watch the timer as stage 3. if u stage up fast with no interruptions. you can get to stage 3 in 8-10 minutes. that gives you 10 non fighting minutes to get more armor if the fights arent goin well. rinse and repeat to work them down and win :slight_smile: that goes for any monster


To be fair, the 3rd monster was closer to 60%, but the sample size is really low and they even said it’s more about getting used to fighting the monster as it’s different then the rest. That being said, I prefer stage 2 fights TONS more over stage 3 so far. I’ve got 168 games from the Big Alpha if you want some Evolve crack before release to go through.

They are split into playlists for each Hunter/Monster as well as my 4 man team. With what I’ve seen, I think staging straight to 3 isn’t as sound a strategy as some might think. I think Stage 2 is where the monster really shines tbh. We were able to cheese out wins from time when a Monster was Stage 3 fighting us. You’ll see them in our 4 man groups.

SUPER excited to see this beauty in action though :slight_smile:


I’m not worried.

There’s bound to be a “bad” monster.

its all perception.


I don’t think the Wraith is going to be stealth oriented, nothing we’ve seen suggests this.

Now what it DOES look like is it uses misdirection and confusion. It can create a decoy, not to hide but to distract you or make you hesitate. The other trait it seems to have is an incredibly fast blink.

So more like this monster is about speed and confusion, never able to pin it down.


Mind you, that may make her very well suited to stealth. she’s clearly very mobile. It’s not clear if her teleports leave tracks or marks of any kind. And what do her decoys do if created outside of combat? Do they just run off into the map, leading the hunters on wild goose chases? I suspect she will be very tricky to find and capture.


Maybe that’s why Caira got a speed boost, Abe got a slowing grenade,Cabot got dust tagging, and Parnell got super soldier. Seems like the last tier of hunters want to do the most amount if damage in the least amount of time…perfect for hunting down said monster :slight_smile:


abduction :wink:


Well if the trailer is her teleport, then it very much does. But that might be one of her abilities.