I'm a founder but I didn't receive all of the content


Like the title says; i’m a founder, but I didn’t receive all of the content. I did receive a goliath skin and the behemoth monster, but that’s it. According to what i’ve read, I should have received more. anyone care to help me out? I would appreciate it ^^


Did you buy any of the content? Because you only get the content in Stage 2 that you previously owned. So if you only owned the base game, you only get the base characters. OR at least, that’s how it is I believe


I did only own the base game, but I would still get the keys and some characters unlocked right? I didn’t get any of those except the behemoth.


Owning the base game earns you the base game, base characters, and the variations I believe, together with 30k keys


Founder doesnt automatically greant you any/every/all content.

Founders will have access to the content, they had prior to tu9.

If you only had the base game- You will only have access to Teams A-C, and their varients (Goliath/Markov being the exception here, theyre unlocked via tutorials).

Teams C and D (Slim, Emet, Sunny, Kala, Crow, Jack, Torvald, Lennox, Behemoth, Gorgon), will not be unlocked unless you physically bought them, or the edition of the game you had included them.


That’s the thing, it only unlocked the behemoth. thanks for clearing up the teams by the way.


When did you buy the key for the game?

If it was recent- Its very possible you got your hands on a pre-order key. Pre order keys included Behemoth, but not all of team d.


It was a gift from a friend, so i’m not sure what key he bought, I am pretty sure he bought the base game. You could be right because i’m not sure about that.