I'm a bit worried about Evolve's popularity on Twitch


I mean, at the moment it is even behind destiny, when it has just been launched, so, at its peak of viewers I believe. Even worse, I saw one or two popular streamers from arma/dayZ/whatever going on evolve as an event and not a regular basis streamed game.

When it is supposed to be a competitive game and all that, I’m not feeling like a lot of people are actually putting some effort in understanding the game’s mechanics…

Should I just give up on my hopes of seeing Evolve on par with LoL/Dota/CS:GO/DayZ ? :confused:


I certainly hope, and will vouch for Evolve becoming a competitive game. It has the elements, but I think it might take some time.


Yeah I guessed it would take some time, as Moba’s did and Counter-Strike was there since a long time, but still, even if the game has 3x4 hunters and 3 monsters, people don’t seem to actually see the difference. :confused:


Probably because after the Big Alpha and Open Beta some of that hype wore off for twitch viewers, they’ve pretty much seen what needs to be seen. Launch week didn’t have much really big streamers playing the game except for one day and they never went back on. I expected summit1G to get a copy and play on a regular basis since he streamed quite a bit of the Big Alpha, but he never did and kept streamng H1Z1 or CS:GO.

It’s probably not going to stay big for long on twitch unless some sort of competitive scene flourishes, I’m having trouble finding anyone skilled and that mostly plays hunter to watch but the ones Ive followed so far don’t have a consistent schedule. I don’t watch Monster streams since I find it boring.


Well fuck then… I really hope 2k will do something for their game, its not the job of TRS, they made a beautiful baby, but 2k should really work their asses off to make this game popular.

(Oh wait, they’re going to release moar skins lel)


The game is popular. Wait until they release the spectator client. I stream daily and have gotten at least 1 or 2 people watching at the same time. Most I had is 15 and nobody knows who I am. It’s not the job of big time streamers. I don’t want them streaming evolve. I want a community to grow within ourselves. The partnered streamers with 10k viewers are not going to continue to play this game once the next AAA title comes out. The small streams who actually enjoy the game and who are making content will.


I’ll try to participate once I get a new GPU as my crossfire doesn’t work properly, but I’m not feeling it too much, I’d sound pretty stupid talking in english when it is not even my main language. xD


Why watch streams when you can just play the game yourself though…


Because there’s some people out there that play better than me and stream it, so watching how they play can improve my own skills.


I’m not judging you I just don’t understand how people can just watch other people play games instead of playing for themselves. Must be up to the person cause I feel the same way about sports to


I hate to say it, but this game is on its way to becoming a failure. Matchmaking putting people into games in progress, public games being a nightmare with awful players, most monster players just running and running until Stage 3, 95% of players choosing Wraith which just exacerbates the previous point, and all the technical issues with lost progress and bugs are all combining to turn this into a game that is on the brink of its community dying off.

Even people who were huge fans of this game before launch are already starting to walk away. In the first 2-3 days my friend list had tons of people playing this game…now almost no one is playing it. I don’t know how things get fixed, but I hope they do. Some serious damage control is in order before its too late.


Yup at this point Evolve took a huge arrow to the knee when it started, now we can only hope for people to come back when it gets fixed and solid. But I’ll stay on this game as a regular basis, I really like it.

Btw Colin, in streaming, it is often about learning new stuff, improving by seeing others do some new stuff, that kind of thing, and in competition, like tournaments, well it is pretty much like watching a football cup on tv.


Are you serious with this? Can’t believe it only took one week for doomsayers to come out. Here’s what you’re failing to understand. This game had too much hype. It makes people who honestly would never ever buy this game otherwise buy it. Then they come here and bitch because all they did was hear their friend say it was awesome but to them it’s not awesome. The game is fine.


Tell that to the poor folks who got their progressions wiped due to a bug or the frustrating matchmaking.


id much rather play evolve then watch someone play evolve. lower number doesnt mean anything. Itll be like starcraft. Itll dominate the list during tournaments and then settle down afterwards.


I have 0 issues with the matchmaking. To those who get progression wipes I know it sucks but it’s being fixed. I don’t expect to get my number 1 everytime. I understand that many other people have monster as their 5 so I will get monster sometimes. I don’t ragequit because of it. I don’t throw a tantrum, I don’t come on the forum and complain. I play the game and then next time I don’t get my 5. Stop acting like children.


You know just because you don’t have problems with the game doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t as lucky. It’s pretty well known the matchmaking is having issues putting people who queued for Hunt Mode to be put into a Nest or Defend mode or not finding enough people.


This is all because of all those

DLC crap
Match making issues
(i got no issues…so far so good )


Meh, me sad naow.


the problem is the lack of ranked mode which is coming soon.

there is little to no reason to watch streamers play if you have the chance to play yourself. strats are effective all over the place for both monster and hunter right now.

I use my example from league. ppl watch streamers to see wat they do so they can learn and “copy” the pros. well evolve has no pros. and it has no meta right now. so the only reason your watiching is because you cant play at the moment. least thats how i see it.