Im #2 in my region!


On the ps4. And #5 on the global ranking! It only counts for wins of course but ive not lost a match with goliath yet!

the number 1 of my region also happens to be 1 on the global so ive got my work cut out for me.

whats frightening is tha


There’s no real pride in being #1 on these boards… all it means is that you have played more than other people, not that you are better in any way.


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It goes by win count right? I was hoping it’d go by w/l ratio.

allow me to be proud of my undefeated streak then at least, the pessimism here sheesh.


Keep it friendly please :smile:


Yeah, just wins alone. You could be 45-100 and still be ahead of the guy who is 44-0. It’s really a terrible ranking system.


Good job, keep it up! The real challenge will be keeping that unmarred record as the player base actually learns to hunt.

I look forward to hearing from you in a few months!


Yess i hope i can keep the pace, ive ran ibto some seriously tough teams already so i cant wait to see where this gane goes.