Im 190 in the world with goliath ask me anything


If you have any questions im sure I can answer them.

P.s. before anyone tries to be rude… this thread is for people that wanna get better as Goliath.

High ranked Behemoth player answering questions/giving advice

What do you recommend as the starting skill or skills?

Sneak or run?

What perks do you prefer?



You’re a stage one goliath with no armor and half health trapper in the northern end of Rendering Plant fighting a damn good premade with Griff/Sunny/Val/Torvald. There is no wildlife around you, and your Evolve meter is half full. The team is using the good old Trapperchoke flush.

What do you do?


Not trying to be rude but why do you think your rank matters when it comes to giving advice?


To be honest, yes…Leaderboard rank means absolutely nothing except that you have more time on your hands.

Perhaps provide a video showing you doing well against good Hunters so we know you’re good? :slight_smile:

Not calling you out or anything, just a suggestion.


Well if they have no strikes and you have no buffs then the best thing to do at that point would be to use the remaining of your health to try your hardest to get as far away as you can. Thats sort of your only option here


Why wouldnt it matter?.. I would rather hear advice from someone whos rank 100 than someone who is rank 20000… thats a lot of gameplay experience.


In pubs, not custom games. I’m not highly ranked and I consider myself to be a pretty skilled player. The two don’t go hand in hand.


Then you would be butchered by the tranq/JPB/poon combo.

Just testing here.

Well of course. But we aren’t comparing a rank 100 to a rank 2000, we’re just saying that rank doesn’t correlate to skill here. :slight_smile: I fought the global first Goliath a fair few times. King was his name…Pathetic.

On the contrast I fought a Goliath ranked around three hundred globally. Extremely good player.


I always put 3 in fire breath because it makes gets groups of animals so much easier and thats mainly what you wanna focus on at stage 1 is eating as fast as you can.

I usually have a tough choice deciding on damage resistance or feeding speed. The 1 thing I love about feeding speed is I can sometimes evolve as soon as the hunters land.

if the team does not have daisy I walk in one direction to leave footprints and then I sneak the opposite way. If daisy is on the team just try to get as far away as possible.


My response to this would be based on whether they have line of sight try to double back due to how much easier it is to do with a Griffin team and if that’s not possible look for the way they split their team and push on the split without the Trapper.


Yes, outmaneuevering them. Juking them.

This implies just bumrushing out of there, which is the worst possible thing you could do there. They have a lot of raw speed and CC. You’d be caught and domed in a second.


how do you find monster games?


I knew someone would be like this… they do mean something…
someone who has played more (has a lot of time on their hands) will be more experienced than someone who has not…

plus my wins are FAR higher than my losses… like I said before. This thread is for people who want to learn more about Goliath… not a “whos better than who” contest


I never said it was. :slight_smile: But I’m suggesting giving actual proof of your skill as opposed to a leaderboard rank which means nothing. Even if you’ve played ten times as much as someone else you aren’t necessarily better than them. Comes down to individual skill of which rank is not indicative.


What do you mean?


How do you deal with a good slim and constant spore cloud while being slowed or trapped by a trapper. I used to think that fire breath will help but then I played with some skiled slim and I finally understood all the moaning about the spore cloud. I usually pick traversal regen so normally I am able to move out of the cloud but running away means not dealing dmg and getting a lot of damage. I tried to focus slim but more often than not slow nades traps and jet boost turn me into shooting target. Who is trying to see and catch ANYTHING.


Thats why there is a wins loss ratio… thats more accurate than any video… I can bet $20 that if I play a game right now as Goliath I would win… but then someone can just argue against it and say “well those hunters sucked”…

I feel like I intimidated a few people here :wink: good


No, your win loss ratio is from a lot of pub games. That literally means nothing. Suffice it to say, nobody’s intimidated at all. Don’t get ahead of yourself. :smile:

But I’ll leave you to your dreams of grandeur and seek advanced tips from someone who can give them.


What stage do you usually make it to? if your getting caught before stage 3 then go with feeding speed. But if your good at reaching 3 or even stage 2 then go with damage resistance.

Its a good perk for Goliath due to him having the 2nd highest health and armor. It will also give you more time to get that perfect opportunity to strike. In that situation I just try to get some good hits on slim and play it safe until I find the perfect opening…

Remember you have tons of time. 17 min before the timer starts counting down