Illusion of sprint - I need developers Answer/Thoughts!


I am a huge fan of the games Halo and they have introduced the generic sprint: Your basemovement is slow and you press a button to start sprinting, getting an increase in speed while lowering your weapon.

This is really detrimental to Halo’s gameplay, and many players want the removal of it, or have the illusion of sprint instead. TurtleRockStudios, you understand!

Why have you chosen Illusion of sprint (In reality only 1 movement speed) instead of the generic sprint? 343Industries does not listen to polls(All the polls are in favour of removing sprint), or pros(All the pros want to remove sprint).

We need someone else to back us up!

Offtopic: I enjoy the game, but griffins harpoon seems really bad. Even though nothing hits me and nothing is in the way, it stops shooting.


For Griffin’s harpoon, you have to hold down the fire button. Also, if you’re airborne, it has no effect on the monster, so he can snap it just by moving away. Otherwise, it has greater range and is more direct than the Harpoon Traps, so I prefer it :smiley:

Back on topic, I’m also a pretty big Halo fan and definitely like the “Auto sprint” thing which TRS has worked out for this game. I think it would be interesting to try out a similar system for Halo 5.