I'll Write Some Haiku All You Have to do is Speak Then I'll Write For You


As the title suggests, I’d like to write some haikus. All you have to is say something that I can turn into a haiku. I’m on a haiku binge right now and I usually write these before I get into my short stories or continue with my book. They help bring inspiration and I really enjoy writing them. It’s a little bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when trying to sum something up that has a lot detail.

Edit: As the others have done, posting a picture or gif is really helpful.


Explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.



Big bomb makes big boom
It creates giant smoke cloud
House turns into dust


Giant man looks mad
He punches odor to dust
Then destroys building


Anyone wanting one
I’m getting kinda bored here
So please give me more


Anything about Emet or Jack


Jack hates his own name
So he’s called the Jackal now
No one calls him that


Now do Emet.


Emet’s a medic
He’s the harbinger of death
But Emet heals you


The Toiletwraith.


She wallows inside
Little white water filled throne
She’s her only kind



Penguin wants llama
He points at the prettiest
They walk off with shine


I had no idea what to do


Patrick sits inside
Of bigger Patrick’s large mouth
He can’t understand


An evaluation of 2015.


They’re beautiful :cry:




2015 was
A decent year for me so
I can not complain