"I'll play how I want" is ruining this game


Just got out of a game where the assault guy (Level 38 mind you) insisted on shooting every wildlife he could find. Not killing them, he just wanted to shoot them one time. Of course this means he has to run up close to the mammoth birds and get hit to do it. When asked what he was doing his only response was “I bought the game, I can do what I want”

Not the first time I’ve heard this either, and it’s just stupid. When it means Markov only uses the assault rifle because “My Markov is afraid of lightning, that’s what caused his scar”


Just played with a val that was at the monsters feet sniping, apparently he is ranked 16 with her… :blush:


5 bucks says these are the people who would cry loudest about vote kicking being in the game.


There are trolls in every game. But trolls in a highly cooperative game such as this are much more destructive unfortunately.


And we can’t miss that one trapper who doesn’t sets the dome or restraints the monster, but thinks he/she is an assault.


Or you get the trapper that domes your team on drop, and refuses to let up… Letting the monster get free stage 2-3.


OR, you get Lazarus players who don’t ever use the Lazarus device and revive you normally instead.


Those are my favorite.


No… please, no more…

You get that one Parnell who keeps spamming SS for no particular reason.


Or you get that slim who only uses his leech gun and healing burst, but no spore cloud launcher or healing drone.


what about a slim that fires spore clouds non-stop letting the monster hear you half the map away?


That one, that one I cannot understand.

What about that one player who is running around the map thinking he’s a solo man but ends up getting trapped by a carnivorous plant?


haha, or a Val who keeps beam healing you instead of shooting you out of the plant/tyrant/megamouth. No joke this has happened quite a few times…


And ya gotta love the Hanks who drop an orbital behind a monster running away so they miss it entirely and the team gets scattered.


Or the Hanks that put an Orbital on a low health downed player so that no-one can revive them.


To be fair if Laz is on the team and if the monster is near that can kinda be helpful. It might scare the monster off for that second or two Laz needs to get the revive. Otherwise it’s just a dumb move.

But as long as we can’t kick people we’re all subject to whatever they want to do.


I agree with that. I disagree when people mess up the timings and do it when their really low and now you can’t revive them


LOVE THIS THREAD! So many legit comments!




“means Markov only uses the assault rifle because “My Markov is afraid of lightning, that’s what caused his scar””
Bahahaha that’s the best thing ever! I’m totally going to do that now.